We are on the last leg of our arrival to koh phangan

We are on the last leg of our arrival to koh phangan. For 48 Hours, it’s been string of cars trains trams taxis buses, 3 planes and now a ferry.
As i gaze out upon the seafoam green sea at sunset, i am in awe.
I am 40 years old and I am just beginning to be truly comfortable in my own skin, happy alone, and repatterning the lifelong seeking my source of love and validation outside of myself.
Not sure if I have the words to describe what this adventure means to me… Because so much about it is facing and becoming comfortable in the unknown, facing my own aloneness and Having the courage to live Fully. And I don’t know exactly what that means yet. But I know I am inspired.
I almost cancelled this trip so many times, faced with a lot of gravity and regret, the necessity and the realities of becoming an adult, & stepping fully into the role of parenting myself… feeling that I had no business going off on an adventure when I should be working hard. I would have called it off so many different times but commitments to my friends and non-refundable tickets mafe me stay the course. And i am so glad i did.
I’m about to arrive on the shores of the place my gypsy heart has most longed to travel for many years. I feel deep peace, or maybe it’s just utter exhaustion and delirium from so many weird naps….
Nope…. It’s pure enchantment! I feel sooo happy to be alive, and utterly blessed. So grateful at last for every fucked-up circumstance that led me to this moment, to be on this grand adventure !!

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15 Thoughts to “We are on the last leg of our arrival to koh phangan

  1. I so admire your articulate expression, so glad you are able to go on this adventure, wish I was able to meet you guys out there now, but it’s on my list to visit next year during my travel adventures. Have and amazing experience and innner and outer journey!

  2. Yayyyy!!!!! Celebrating you!!!! ✨❤️✨ The key to fulfillment and everlasting love is full contentment and acceptance of the Self – and the Self as your ultimate wellspring of unconditional love!!!!

    I can’t wait to go on a tropical far away adventure!!!

  3. If it’s full or the boat taxis won’t get you to The Sanctuary, Plaa’s Guesthouse overlooking Than Sadet is it’s own slice of quiet, restorative heaven… and the best Thai food I’ve ever had.

  4. Soak it all in…. very nourishing and fun on Koh Phangnon! Try to visit all the sides of the island if you can and go on the boat ride that goes all the way around the island so much fun. Definitely take the boat taxi over to the sanctuary from the Ha…

  5. Welcome to Thailand! The truck should be there to pick you up soon. We have a fridge full of food and are ready to welcome you to our home for the next week together! Let the bEARTHday sauce stirring commence!

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