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Vinpearl Land operates at 8:30 am and the demand is very large, usually from 8h30 to 9h there are more than 1000 people lined up to take the cable car here, see the baby carrying luggage , then the scene is sweaty, there are customers who can not afford to pay a return ticket. So, what time is it?
If you have children, there are older children with you, you can not go early, because if you go early children and the doctor will be tired can not wait to see the water music at 19h No time for napping. With our guide, to be not tired for the baby and the older doctor, I advise you to go around 13 pm.
There will be disagreements because the early hours are very sunny weather is not convenient to travel and have fun but it is not peak time you can take a taxi down and take the cable car is not always Waiting to go to the site will visit the venue before the wait until 15 pm then to the water park, the outdoor play area.

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