Trip into the city today

Trip into the city today
I used to work for Sainsbury’s here 4 years ago. I would look on at the city workers and “assume” that the bonuses, the suits & watches meant they had it all.
Oh how we learn ‍♂️
The reality is more likely to be that these city workers are stressed, living a lifestyle to keep up appearances, and if a younger more ambitious employee appeared they would be replaced. Unfortunately that is a common situation these days.
Ok so it may be fun and it can be luxurious and many people have chosen that life…..but
As I get the kids ready and prepare to head out, the feeling of inner peace, clarity of purpose and having an unshakable vision and plan is PRICELESS compared to those feelings last time I was in the city.
How did or will having more time and money freedom change your life?
I’d love to hear
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