trekking in Vietnam

 Day 1: 19h00: Depart from Hanoi, follow Highway 32 to Son Tay, pass Trung Ha Bridge to Thanh Son (Phu Tho), dinner in Thanh Son.
If it is not cold, then after breakfast you can continue to go to Thanh Son – Thu Cuc – Nghia Lo, then overnight in Nghia Lo. Choosing this option, we will have more time to explore the Blind, but we will not see the scene around.
If it is raining or cold, it is not advisable to drive long distances at night. It is dangerous to go to Thanh Son or Thu Cuc and continue the journey the next morning.
My team went on a rainy day and very cold so the first plan is option 1 but because of the weather that finally decided to implement option 2, but thanks to that is watching the forest green tea palm trees both sides of the road.
View of Khau Phau pass.
View of Khau Phau pass.
Day 2: 6h00: Have breakfast in Thanh Son (here is the cake shop and sticky rice sold in the sidewalk is very good and cheap – very suitable for people)
6h30: continue to travel Thanh Son – Thu Cuc – Ba Khe, so stay at Ba Khe drink cup of tea Bat Tien just fragrant just delicious to take people and car for a few minutes, then run straight Ba Khe – Nghia Lo – Tu Le.
11h00: When the terraces of nine golden rice appear, is also when you come to Tu Le, stop for lunch to enjoy sticky rice Tu Le and special dishes here such as crab spring, chicken hills …, Desserts are made from freshly squeezed banana leaves. The festival is organized and arranged from National Highway 32, the section of Tu Le commune (Van Chan district) to the center of Mu Cang Chai district. Then you can choose the appropriate accommodation or down the house floor or go to Mu Cang Chai town and then choose a hostel. 
So you can join this culture week.
Along the way from Tu Le to Mu Cang Chai town you are free to explore the unique of the festival! In addition, you will pass Khau Phau pass on the road is known as one of the four transcontinental mountain passes, you are really overwhelmed by the beauty of forests, mountains and fields.
In 2013, Mu Cang Chai tourism culture week attracted thousands of visitors to visit. This year, with the thorough preparation, thoughtfulness and experience has been drawn from the previous organization, Yen Bai Tourism Expected Cultural and Tourism Week National Mu Cang Chai terraces 2014 promises to be a colorful festival, attracting crowds of people and tourists at home and abroad to participate. Hope the above shareings will help you to arrange the appropriate time and schedule for a meaningful and enjoyable trip.

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