Traditional Villages in The Center

Da Nang Stone Village is a long time ago, and according to the tales of the elderly artisans in this stone village, the craft of Non Nuoc stone carving has been around for nearly 200 years. The Traditional Villages in The Center was established at the end of the 18th century, the people who publicly illuminated this trade village were Mr. Huynh Ba Quat – Thanh Hoa people. He settled down at the foot of Ngu Hanh Son Mountain, he discovered that this is a group of Marble Mountain can produce many decorative products, so he exploited to produce the spare time In addition to the farmer’s job, when free he took the stone to make, chiseled into tombstone, pestle and mortar, pound medicine, millstone, or make the lead stone for fishermen. people in the area, the products of Mr. Quat are more popular and buy, the number of customers more. So it brought him a good source of income. From here, he began to think that it would become a career that brought in income when idle, so he passed it on to his descendants and acquaintances around the village.
They have started to exploit stone and make tools and objects for daily life to earn their living, the products they create such as: millstones, pounding rice, then the The gravestones, tombstones and more are the production of Phuong, Dragon, Turtle to meet the requirements of the Temples, Tombs, Temples and the Palace.vvQua many years, the stone products here on a This is a very good thing, which marks the growing development of fine art stone.

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