Today is Halloween

Today is Halloween.
One thing that should be evident when celebrating this day, is that we as a society LOVE to be scared. That is especially evident over the past ten years.
For example, in 1996, the amount of horror movies that were released was just seven. In 2017, so far, it is sixty-two. It is easy to see why. The movie "It," based off of Stephen King’s best-selling novel, has already generated $320 million worldwide.
Turn your attention to the haunted house industry. It raked in over $300 million in the year 2013. It annually serves 375 million people in the United States.
We seek out these environments because they are safe. Audiences know they are not going to be killed when they watch the film "It." Those that enter a haunted mansion know they will not be murdered. We want the thrill of death without personally experiencing it. Most of the time we undertake these experiences with family or friends. The result is that we are drawn closer together and form tighter bonds.
Yet outside of these fantasies are things that are far scarier. There are communities that do not have access to clean drinking water, corporations that look at the destruction of our environment as a business opportunity, more victims of sexual assault and harassment are coming out of the shadows to reveal industries and figures indifferent to their trauma, poverty is increasing, drug addiction is increasing, two nations are standing on the precipice of nuclear war, etc.
Enjoy today’s holiday with your friends, family, and neighbors. Just do not forget what should REALLY scare you.
That fear should motivate you to mobilize and form bonds with people that want to better humanity and pursue a vision of peace.

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  1. I’m in the minority here. I hate scary things. But you all enjoy Halloween – I’ll be in the house watching something funny.

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