Tingles of Pleasure

Tingles of Pleasure
Live village, high in the mountains, lives a quite, introspective lady, clever relating, wide eyes, expressive, gestures, hair raising tales, attracting ghosts, demons, spirits, faeries.
Man dies, sun remains, earth continues, gift, earth everlasting life, creation did not happen, it was always here, no god created, he controls, let earth, universe, beyond make his choices, warmth of the sun, whisper of desires, darkness of the night, depths of my heart, trouble, contention ripe, benign, break your word, trouble will grow, worse.
Slipped, realm of consciousness, wind blowing into my mind, vivid images, afar, sound of bells, cymbals, distant chant, rustles of leaves, wind mingled scent, cinnamon, saffron, slipping, unguarded dreams, exotic sensation, blended memories, warm eyes, breath trickling, across my lips.
She watches me, growing fully in her senses, my eyes, earthen colour, brown, lashing inside the golden sunlight, a woman, warm, liquid feelings, developing in her middle, spreading downward, abdomen, legs, fertile, absorbing awareness, thrust of fingers, tingles of pleasures.
Truly sexual being, emanates sexual energy, from within, warmth of attractiveness, from the heart, streaming, knowledge one is sensual, sexual, true sexuality, isn’t forced, construed, rational state of being, pleasure, unhurried grace, kiss her tongue, warmed pleasures, commencing, sensation of heat.
Growing brings, need, release, like a series of strokes, across her very soul, intimates kisses, soft shimmering, building shattering intensity, pleasures crashing, huge waves, convulsive gasps, leading back, arched, splintering, thousand burning embers, fling, vast, colours drenched realm, pleasure.
Eyes blazing, fire in her eyes, body moulded, in her seeking, heat, cooling waters, sexual power, trembled, foundation of my being, hungry, feel of her, taste of her, her mouth sweet wine, taking her kiss, steadily deeper, desire pose, sully met, inside her, pleasure gaze, look darkened, luminous eyes, desires, permeated air, entire world, she was a force of nature, ordained for life, inescapable.
Awe, delicate tracing, possession, firm caress, tenderness, spoke, settled, parting thighs, hunger grew, within her, roused, light, erotic contact, care, both swelled, propelled, tight explosives, spiral, climax, sharing joining, bodies, thrusting gently, invading, warm, relentless, tide, hunger, inside her burning desires.
Heat fullness, friction, exploded, senses, cried out, searching winds, release, blown, rare, brighter peaks, sensations, moment one flesh, one soul, boundaries melted, completed, one, never, be alone again, bodies, heart, blended, fortunes, futures, eyes closed, sensed, warmth, sinking into luminous depth of my eyes.

2 Thoughts to “Tingles of Pleasure

    1. Thanks not all my poetry is stagnant and nice. Like life i give myself the power of freedom to express in all feelings and desires.

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