Time is tremendously important

Time is tremendously important…. One big mistake is Doing the right thing at the wrong time, with the wrong people, at the wrong place, with the wrong Mind-Set.. You’ll Experience a Set back, A Bad One!!!.. But here’s the thing… Once your motives are Positive, being aligned with a right Mind-Set…The Time, people and place won’t matter…
The Woman with the issue of Blood, by Human Standard.. *Her Timing was Bad. *The Environment was so not Condusive..im so sure one of difficulties she faced trying to touch the Hem of Jesus’ Garment was PEOPLE.. Do you know how many people playfully touched jesus.. Some touched him just to Challenge themselves, some touched him to show their friends that they touched jesus… Ladies stared at jesus… Men women.. The old the young… JESUS WAS A STAR!!!… How come HER touch
removed anointing from jesus… Jesus said.. “someone touched me purposely”…
She carried along with her.. *A Positive Goal..
*The Right Mind-Set.
With the Right Mindset… And a positive goal… There’s nothing impossible for you!!!

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