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Students in college or university, who require information on Sojournertruth and her New York years, now have a new source of reference. Most of the important facts on Sojournertruth during these years have been overlooked, or simply ignored by many autobiographers and historians. Much of the information, readily available on many web sites, is in fact incorrect, with no real historical foundation. From a variety of sources including: newspapers – court documents – private letters – testimonials – diaries – booklets and historical books our aim has been to collect vital information: and to present facts rather than fiction. The details are taken from original documents which are almost 200 years old. Now, after almost a decade of research and writing, these in-depth facts are correlated in one book. Each and every part of this emotional melodrama has its own individual reference number which when correlated within the index provides the original source information. Within the book Clash of the Prophets the Beginning all the known facts are presented in their unedited form: we have even left original spelling and grammar unaltered. Sojournertruth, Prophet Matthias and the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith are three of Americas most influential and memorable trailblazers. The connections between them have been a catalyst of curious and undeniable facts which presents one of the most unforgettable true stories within America’s recorded antebellum history.
Within this web site students will find comprehensive information on Sojournertruth and her New York years. Each student is entitled to a free informed choices guide presented in a downloadable PDF printable file.…/Informed%20choices%20gu…

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