So. Yesterday the entire country wanted the Facebook live murderer dead. Today, we are alerted about ex-Patriot Hernandez suicide and the country is sad?
I am not happy he committed suicide. A life taken is never a happy moment, regardless of the situation.
He was also a murderer!! Let’s not forget his past simply because he was a football player for your favorite team.
Two murderers took their own lives in two days. My thoughts are with the family and friends of those lives they took. As well as their own family and friends who are suffering because of their poor choices.

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  1. Hernandez was acquitted of the murders, just last week. But guilty of weapons charges.
    (I still think he was bad news. Just saying)

  2. It is sad no matter what he was convicted of or how many crimes he commited. A death is still a death and to take your own life is a horrible thing. His family still has hearts and I am sure they are broken. I pray for his family and his soul.

  3. Apparently, I’m not that sweet. My take on this was veeeery different… But I’m glad you think I am. :-*

  4. Well, here’s what I wrote…

    If anyone is having any flights of fancy about committing the same kind of atrocities that the Ohio idiot committed, I have a suggestion for you. Slowly raise the gun into your mouth and redecorate your ceiling…

    You’ll be doing us all a favor. Leave in your final note that you decided that you weren’t going to hurt anyone but yourself.

    We will lionize and celebrate you. And you will have done a great good for society.

    But you could just go get some professional help. Who knows? You might even find happiness.

  5. Bobby DeJesus Awe sweetness. This makes my heart sad. I know it’s difficult to see the other side of this when such horrible behavior is displayed. Both of these human beings were once children. And both of them have families who are today suffering because of their choices. I understand your thought process. I only wish more would try to view this from a different perspective, and not immediately turn to more violence and hate. <3

  6. I feel bad for their families. But I feel worse for the families of the innocent victims they murdered. I’ll cool off in time.

  7. Bobby DeJesus Of course! Although in my mind, everyone connected to these two humans, friends and families, are victims. Have a great day, Bobby!! xo

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