SH’BAM – The ultimate fun and sociable way to exercise! It’s a bit cheeky, insanely addictive, and a class where everyone is encouraged to dance and simply have a good time!
45 minutes of a non-stop party!
I’m teaching this incredible class at New Jersey Athletic Club on Sunday, June 11th at 12:30p! Will you join me for lots of fun!? I need a packed room! Comment for details

51 Thoughts to “SH’BAM

    1. I’ll have another some time in July! This class is only 45 min if you can find a way to swing it!

  1. Juan Hurtado I’m in Lawrenceville NJ… may be about an hour from you. If you decide to make the trip though I’d love to have ya!

  2. Oh no..wish this was the next weekend..i am out on June 11th..let me know when u have the next one..i will definitely be there!

  3. Jen Tang Marla Baccari Johnson Nitya K Narayan Jess Lippman Patricia Bisonó Cathy Tramontana Gloria Gomez Lisa Garcia Lisa Miller Daniela Alexandra Marylyn Inverso Campanella Michele Cumberland Kristen Chamberlain Mains Kristi Hughes Rosenberg Kathy Laurinaitis Carrie Masiello Jamie Rosica Laurie Schultz-Redlus

  4. Laurie Schultz-Redlus will do! I’m making a list of everyone coming so also let me know if you want to bring anyone!

    1. Unfortunately I already have plans, but I would love to. Will you let me know next time? I hope all is well!

  5. Dina Gee Dalia Seidl Denise Soto with all the kids and S/O’s who’d enjoy it and Jessica Moreland Dena Santoro Sanna Laura-Lynn is a friend of mine from high school. Who wants to come?!

  6. Juan Hurtado I’m aiming for a SH’BAM class Thursday nights.. I’ll keep you posted on it! And combat I team teach a lot! Usually 6:30p Wednesdays and 8a Saturdays at NJAC!

  7. I can try but haven’t been able to attempt an hour on my feet moving constantly since the nerve damage. Was hoping to attempt combat tomorrow. We will see how that goes.

  8. Karen Blaisdell Faiman its 45 min if that makes a difference? Even if you come for half I’ll be happy

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