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 What is the future direction and what career should I choose? These are the questions in the minds of every young person standing on the threshold of life. The story of the minority youth in Lao Cai province struggled to start a career and career has inspired many local youth on the road to conquer dreams with passion and strength.
Poor, to grade 3, Tuan Thi Su absent from school to follow her mother to sell. "At that time people only think girls are required to work in the family, go to school only for sons or family children have much money only. By now, the Mong women are still very miserable, no one is putting heavy stuff on their back with them, "Su said.
Su has become the owner of the Sapa tourist house earning several billion dong a year
Su has become the owner of the Sapa tourist house earning several billion dong a year
In 2007, at age 21, Tuan Thi Su embarked on the Sapa O’Chau project, a network that helps travelers connect with local guides and provide good travel services in their area. Sapa O’Chau (thanks Sa Pa) is the greeting of Mong people living in the high mountains in the North. But until 2009, Sapa O’Châu Travel Company Limited was officially established, specializing in business type homestay tourism. At that time, its founder, Tuan Thi Su, only finished 9th grade of the supplementary system.
This is the pioneer social enterprise in Sa Pa and also the first tourist base of Mong people in Lao Chai commune. Sapa O’Chau tourism is a type of community-oriented tourism. Tourists traveling on Sa Pa Trekking and Homestay Tour will be free to teach local children. Instead of selling, children are living under the same roof, learning English with foreign volunteers, and then learning the skills of travel, sales …
Sapa O’Chau has set up a center providing classes for about 40 students and support for nearly 80 children. After 8 years of operation, with Su’s tireless self-study efforts, Sapa O’Chau has become professional and has made breakthroughs, opening more services with many billion revenue.
In another direction, A Nui (Cat Cat hamlet, San Sa Ho commune, Sa Pa district) has come up with an initiative to turn knowledge from folk remedies into products that promote to tourists with thought. "Let everyone enjoy the best products from the mountains". Therefore, not only stop the oil products, from the rich source of local medicinal herbs, A Drum to study how to process, extract and have successfully produced new products from medicinal oil such as bath soap, shampoo, bath solution, soak … from traditional remedies of the Mong, Dao in Sa Pa.
To ensure materials for production, A Nuc has planted nearly 5 hectares of medicinal herbs such as ginger, citronella, cardamom, camphor and tapping of membrane plants, pagoda … available. When the customers order, in addition to people in the cooperative, A Nui must mobilize dozens of other labor to collect medicinal herbs. At present, the area of ​​medicine also extends to Son Binh Commune, Tam Duong District, Lai Chau Province. Nui’s products are favored by their high nature.
So far, orders have gone beyond Sa Pa, Lao Cai to the neighboring provinces, to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, even to foreign countries. A Nop’s cooperative opens more services of bathing, foot bath with herbal and travel experiences, creating jobs for many local laborers, contributing to hunger eradication and poverty reduction. "Everyone has their own advantage, if young people are knowledgeable and inquisitive about a particular field, get rich from it, do not be afraid to turn it into your own brand," said A share.
Together with Tuan Thi Su, Ma A Nui, Ly Lua (a man cooking saffron), Giang Thi Lang (Nam Nhi commune, Sa Pa – founder of Sapa Travel Company) "Experience tours and adventure tours", Vu Van Duc (Bao Thang district – young millionaire from Lac Thuy chicken) … has successfully started and continues to conquer the path of legitimate enrichment. myself. Their work is receiving a lot of support, effective cooperation from local authorities to encourage young people to start, get rich, actively contribute to ensuring social security in the locality.
With the strong determination of the Government to promote business spirit, start and develop enterprises, Lao Cai province has introduced many preferential mechanisms and policies to create a healthy business environment; Encourage businesses, entrepreneurs and cooperatives to develop production and business activities; improve competitiveness, sustainable development. In the whole province, 3,598 enterprises have been granted business registration certificates. By 2020, the whole province has more than 10,000 operating enterprises, including large enterprises and strong resources. 55% of total products in the area.
According to the plan of starting, developing enterprises in Lao Cai province by 2020, the province will focus on 6 specific groups: support to start the enterprise development; support brand products associated with production and business; assist enterprises in accessing state policies; support business information channel; To set up science and technology renewal funds in support of enterprises undertaking the renewal of sciences and technologies; Supporting start-up enterprises to access management tools and management support to create favorable conditions for enterprises in the process of operation.
At the conference on business start-up held recently in Lao Cai city to provide specific solutions to start, develop provincial enterprises in the period from 2017 to 2020 with the highest efficiency, representatives of departments , branches, banks, credit institutions in the province are committed to support maximum policy mechanisms, interest rates for loans to organizations and individuals when starting a business.
According to Nguyen Thanh Duong, Vice Chairman of Lao Cai People’s Committee, starting and developing enterprises is a matter of receiving special attention of the whole society. Organizations and individuals need to raise awareness about the importance of starting and developing enterprises in the socio-economic development of the province; Establishing specific support mechanisms and policies to increase the viability of start-up projects.
For enterprises and Lao Cai businessmen to stand firmly in the market, Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Thanh Duong asked enterprises to restructure, organize and rearrange operations, select suitable business forms In line with the trend of economic integration. Together with the efforts of enterprises, local authorities and related sectors, it is necessary to continue to promote and improve the business investment environment. Administrative procedures for the establishment of new enterprises are public and easy.

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