Overnight Hollywood became Climate Scientists

Overnight Hollywood became Climate Scientists… I mean after all it’s pretty easy, heck Bill Nye is now considered a scientist when he is the furthest thing from one… Global Warming is a big fat fake… Zero evidence of global rise in temperatues which should reflect temperature in comparaison with CO2 AND IT JUST DOESN’T… Why do you think Obamas Nasa site shows only the CO2 skyrocketing with ABSOLUTLEY ZERO [LET ME REPEAT ZERO!] CORRELATION TO TEMPERATURE ON A GLOBAL LEVEL… I am all for less smog lets concentrate on that first perhaps and things like fusion energy and more modern future tech will solve overloading our atmosphere with slightly more CO2, which guess what IT ISN’T THE ONLY THING PROTECTING US FROM WARMING, WE HAVE THE MAGNETIC FEILDS PROTECTING US, Water vapor [yes clouds] and rain, Ozone, Nitrogen, and various other elements protecting our earth, if we start effecting that I would say perhaps we have a problem, but people just need to realize the giant sheet being pull over there heads… I AM SO SICK OF CELEBRATIES USING THINGS LIKE A NATURAL DISASTER AS A PLATFORM FOR CRAZY HALF THOUGHTOUT POLITICAL BULLSHIT… STOP IT HOLLYWOOD, THIS IS WHY TRUMP WON BECAUSE WE ALL REALIZED FAST THE LOAD OF SHIT YOU WERE SELLING WAS EXACTLY THAT, BULLSHIT… GOOD LUCK AND GOOD NIGHT AMERICA… If anyone wants the Real science and facts on global warming feel free to post below but i am not arguing this point, only real science talk here…

8 Thoughts to “Overnight Hollywood became Climate Scientists

  1. FYI she’s not saying she doesn’t believe in global warming, she’s just calling celebrities who bitch about it and promote the issue… hypocrites, which they are… and even if global warming “wasn’t real” I don’t see what’s wrong with everyone trying to be greener and why that should make you so damn upset.

  2. If the thought of “global warming” kickstarts the human race into taking better care of the planet… well that’s a win in my book.

    1. No it really isn’t especially considering we are moving into mini ice age in the next 1000 years… You have any idea how ungreen battery powered cars are… Do you have any idea what lithium poisioning does to children working in lithium mines… it is 10 times dirtier then regular cars…

  3. Ok but electric cars are not the only thing being promoted to help stop “global warming” and when trying to make changes there are bound to be mistakes as we try to get it right. It takes trial and error, but nothing will change if we don’t at least try

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