Once upon a time

Once upon a time…
I moved to CA, and a few days after arriving, my new housemate offered me discounted artist ticket to this thing called Burning Man. (I think it was something like $75. "That art festival in the desert?" I asked. I had literally heard one sentence about it, and had never seen a photo. I gathered my tent and some clothes and a bag of food and craigslisted a ride. I was adopted by my co-pilot Audree Halasz, and had an AMAZING time.
The next year I was in the middle of producing a short film, craigslisted a ride (explained that I would need to be on the phone the entire time since I was in the middle of production), realized I didn’t have the main character cast as I went through the gates, had a fabulous time galavanting around on my own and hanging out with Terry, Andrew and Chloe, and hitchiked out 36 hours later to finish preparing for the shoot (and that film won an award).
The next year I was sitting in the offices of Current, moping, when on Wednesday Lauren and I decided if we could get tickets, we would leave the next day. We did. We brought our little tent, and a small cooler, no shade, went to a LOT of workshops to avoid the sun, and… had a great time.
Then I found my playa camp of dear friends. And for the next many years, luxuriated in the sweetness that is going with people I could carry the adventure home with. I went in an RV for a couple of those years (which was nice, but didn’t make or break my experience). i had a great time. Then babies started happening and our camp came to a close. So I said yes when invited into a theme camp . (Of all the years I went, that was least fun to be true). And started making a point of giving my gifts through workshops, was reinvigorated and reminded by the equisite nature of service, and my favorite…bringing the gifts to the deep playa. (Look for the "Ask for Magic or A Story" sign and I will most likely be close by with my basket of goodies and umbrella of hanging stories.)
My point is…I love seeing what people will do when given a blank canvas to play with. While Burning Man isn’t exactly a blank canvas anymore, there is no reason to get stuck thinking there is THE WAY to do it. There are a million ways to go and delight in the epic creativity of humans. And it doesn’t rquire a lot of hoopla to have an amazing time.
And…if you are in the neighbrhood of Red Lightening at 5:30pm on Thursday… CALLING ALL dancers, muscians, storytellers, and storylovers for SHE RISES: A Radical new creation myth for the times we are living in.

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10 Thoughts to “Once upon a time

    1. Damn! I’m really impressed with red lightning and now I happen to know somebody who’s at the presenter there?
      That’s pretty awesome! So sorry that I won’t be there this year to see you in action!

  1. Love this, and the reflection on a never/ending potential for actively creating experience on the playa… and catching a ride with you to my first Burn played out in very influential and beautiful ways for me ever since then!

  2. My friend Feivel Nihm is a dancer and might find this interesting!
    She’s taking my slot this year… I’m staying in default and THIS WEEKEND IS OUR INAUGURAL BROADCAST for The Work FM !

  3. Zoë Gainey you need to meet Leah Lamb she is a gem of a human and so are you! here is where you can find her and tell her we’re friends.. she is college family.

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