OK friends

OK friends…I have a BIG goal this year of holding 12-15 Style Shows per month. These can be in a home, restaurant, coffeeshop, FB parties or even catalog parties. I currently have 8 scheduled for April. Here’s what I know about women and fashion/jewelry:
*We have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear!
*We feel too busy or overwhelmed to shop.
*Some don’t know what their style is or how to create a simple look.
*Many want to learn how to mix and match or pair jewelry together but don’t know how.
This is what I can show you how to do at a Style Show through a simple 3 step “recipe”. Even if you don’t wear jewelry or much jewelry, I can show you how to look more put together! CAN YOU HELP ME ON THIS? Again, it can be a home show, FB show, or even a catalog show. (Please no comments from fellow jewelers)

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