Now this is becoming a bit much

Now this is becoming a bit much…WTH does a Press Conference to be messy and petty! I know #enikohart want to 800-ChokeDatHoe!! She wasn’t worried about the wife when she was “with him last month” and now she wants to further insult the wife by pulling this public victim card! As a mistress or jump off to a married/taken man once you have done enough damage just go run along to attempt to destroy your next relationship!
Dear “Future Mistress that I pray my husband NEVER has” Do NOT and I repeat DO NOT become messy and petty! You wouldn’t air your sexual escapades with the single men you sleep with so I’m going to need you put this one in the same category! This is a great lesson for all women and men who think cheating is worth it……I know her cookie couldn’t been this good! It is so not worth it. My prayers and thoughts are with the Harts because they should be able to deal with their personal issues personally! #kevinhart if you need a Social Worker to help you work through this I am your girl!

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