Musicians, social media on the internet is a great tool; but don’t forget the old school standby of radio,tv,print and doing press conferences. Why not! The biggest politicians including Trump and my illustrious,what ever that word means,prime minister Trudeau use old school PR, and it works along with the internet. You want to learn how to get great PR for band, watch what politicians do. You may not like them but they get more talk and action than any band,business or organization in the world. If you want your band to get more press,and a solid press kit to boot,hit me up here on Facebook,my musicians blog or email me at:
You can also learn a few things on my old blog,just for you musicians. You actually might learn a thing or two. Well, maybe. Just head on over,read just a little to impress your band buddies with what cha learned from my blog,then get back to me on how I can help your band with articles,a solid press kit and learn how to get more exposure,both online and off. Much success to your band.

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