Let’s talk FASCIA

Let’s talk FASCIA! Although we know that drinking plenty of water is good for us, helps us move better and think more clearly, it’s movement combined with REST that actually rehydrates our fascia. Think of when you step on wet sand on a beach. The water in the sand moves to the outside of your foot upon pressure. As soon as your foot lifts up, the water then begins to move its way back to where it once was. Think of your fascia in the same way. When force (exercise) is imposed on the fascia it creates a sort of “ringing out” of water. It’s when rest is taken after physical activity that the tissues begin to reabsorb that water. So the message is: KEEP MOVING AND REMEMBER TO REST! #wellnesswednesday #anatomytrains #thomasmyers #loveyourfascia #moveyourbody #takesavasana #takecareofyou #getamassage #loveyourbody

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