Its a sad July 4th

Its a sad July 4th. For the first time I can remember, not a time of celebration. We used to celebrate Walter Isaacson’s biography of Ben Franklin, or perhaps David McColough on john adams. Thats us we’d exclaim! Today we are urged to read about Roy Cohn to better understand Trump’s authoritarian ways. We used to celebrate that good ‘ol American openness, science, curiosity, learning, the melting pot, and progress, always progress. Today we ask, “is that still us?” Is this an interregnum of American excellence and exceptionalism, or has the torch been snatched from a new generation? Its a liminal moment. And more fragile than we ever might have expected.

15 Thoughts to “Its a sad July 4th

  1. My concern is with our universities, that have exhibited absolute Fascist tendencies, suppressing free speech and endorsing violence and hatred. Apparently open discourse is dead on campus, and critical thinking has given way to obsessive indoctrination.

    1. Agree on universities. The new left that we see in universities even has the old left all pissed off at their lack of openness, curiosity, and interest in engaging in dialogue. Of course our national leader should inspire greatness, not glorify pettiness.…/the-new-activism-of-liberal…

  2. Peter – As a former campus leftist…I agree with you completely. The university problem will self-correct, as parents become disheartened by the $60K per year price tag and the availability of cost effective alternatives. The amazing success of the Kahn Academy will inspire innovators in education and early adopters to create better alternatives…universities will be the next victims of technological innovation…and hopefully AI can bring about disintermediation in professions like Law, accounting and maybe even politics…

  3. I became a citizen over 18 months ago after living here for 12 years and now I am questioning if I did the right move. This country has disappointed it’s people and nature so much, and it’s getting worse…I do not recognize the country I moved to, it resembles the worst places on earth right now in its xenophobic and conspiracy theory laden views…very sad:(

    1. It’ll take all hands on deck to right the ship and rekindle the spirit of America. And as in the past, the growth and energy will be led by immigrants and new citizens who are excited, open minded and not complacent!

  4. Trust me, I’m that immigrant that marched in every march and has a super user level on resistbot, daily action + called every senator in the country and sent them a fax. But it’s been a tiring race and we are only in the beginning.

  5. I’m actually shocked at this post that people would think we are not the greatest country in the world, just look around you, look at all we do and all we have, and all we will be and can be. No politics here from me. But if you continue to play politics, you’ll continue to poison your mind and soul against this country.

    1. Here’s the deal: it’s the greatest place on earth. And it didn’t get there by accident. We built this country out of the enlightenment, shared values, and constant work on our democracy. It’s not easy. And compliancy is a pretty good way to waste our inheritance. So when I say I’m a bit sad, it’s a love poem to America. It’s a belief that we have work to do and as patriots it’s our time. I’m not sure what politics you’re referring to, or where in the American experience you come off thinking politics has nothing to do with it. But if science, education, economic growth, and an inclusive republic is politics, then please Cathy Mack, count me in!

  6. AI in politics… hmmm… big assumption there is that there is any intelligence there to begin with (j/k)

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