information about the life, culture and spots in Sa Pa

 Money is indispensable in every trip, money to pay for the car, eating, shopping souvenirs … Therefore, many tourists often wonder how much Sapa tourism. So how much is enough for a tour in this mountain town?
In fact, the amount of money you carry depends on how long you travel or how long you spend traveling. Although Sapa is a mountainous area, it is very expensive. Guests should bring cash and ATM cards to withdraw if needed.
If shopping in Sapa travelers should prepare the retail price to be easier to buy instead of paying even large denominations.
Personal papers: Surely not forget to bring ID, ID card to rent room, driver’s license if you travel to Sapa by motorcycle …
Clothes: Most people who travel also want to bring a lot of beautiful things to take photos, especially female tourists. However, if the baggage is too heavy, it will affect the travel of travelers in the travel, especially if you travel to Sapa on a motorcycle.


information about the life, culture and spots in Sa Pa
Sapa is where you can experience "four seasons in a day", some cold in the morning, sunny as the spring at noon, cool wind like autumn when the afternoon falls and the bone chill in the evening . Therefore tourists traveling Sapa should wear thin clothes in the day and warm clothes, socks, scarves, woolen cap, thick jacket … to wear at night.
Footwear: Because Sapa has high mountainous terrain, if tourists bring high sandals or sandals to walk, it will be very painful. Therefore, it is advisable for travelers to wear climbing shoes or sneakers.
Personal items: Bring the necessary items such as toothbrushes, towels … Besides, visitors do not forget to bring sunscreen, insect repellent, abdominal pain, cough, cold …
Phone, camera: Sure to a place where there are many beautiful sights like Sapa can not not take pictures to save those beautiful moments. Do not forget to bring your battery charger, backup charger.
Sapa Tourist Map: If this is a self-guided trip, the Sapa tourist map will be of great help to travelers. Make the trip go smoothly and visitors will not get lost.
In addition, travelers should bring water and snacks to prevent hunger during the trip. Need to load enough energy to be able to discover many places in Sapa.
If you are traveling on a motorbike, you should bring your car repairing kit and spare tire to prevent any damage to your vehicle when traveling to Sapa. When riding a motorcycle, wear sunglasses, masks, gloves, raincoats, lapels.
Finally, the most important thing in Sapa travel is that visitors must have a good spirit and good health for the trip.

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