I’m not one to post my personal issues on Facebook

I’m not one to post my personal issues on Facebook, but I felt like I needed to discuss this.
My family and I have been enduring a very, very difficult year, honestly over a plethora of reasons, but that’s something I don’t care to elaborate on via the internet. However, I, myself, have had many a health issues, as a great deal of you are aware, but for some time now, I’ve been avoiding something that could potentially be life threatening, mainly out of fear.
A while back, I noticed a lump in one of my breasts. Stupidly, I did nothing. Now, it seems as if there’s one in the other breast as well. I wised up, called my physician, and they are scheduling a mammogram, along with an appt to see the doctor.
The reason I’m sharing this is not for anyone to feel bad for me, though I appreciate any concern, but to understand that yes, I’m still going to do my jewelry and yes, I’m finishing my books. I just need patience, please, if there’s any sort of delays. And I will make sure to do my best at keeping everyone updated on the comings and goings of all that’s involving those 2 subjects.
Thank you so much for your time, your care, kind words and friendship. Please, take care, be safe and God bless!

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