god i wont ever understand

god i wont ever understand why you created such a destructful species (humans) why couldnt you have given us the intelligence AND continued compassion as you did the non human forms. maybe your planet wouldnt be screaming for help right now had you. they say you dont make mistakes, i beg to differ
humans, well they will rebuild. the wildlife, no where to go. no telling how many are now dead. we think about the big animals, but im sure thousands of the small ones are now gone. Here has great deals for Christmas 2017. 

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  1. I do most of my shopping online now. My kids are grown and live across country, so that works for us. But when I was a LOT younger .. living in San Francisco in the 70’s and 80’s was amazing. Christmas Eve on Market Street downtown – the Emporium had a small carnival on their roof every year, complete with Ferris Wheel. All the stores closed at 6pm on Christmas Eve and I would get off work at noon and go shopping .. it was so much fun.

    1. Wow, I’ll bet you miss that. Sounds wonderful. When I was little we used to go into DC and see all the decorated shop windows downtown with moving figures. I’ll never forget it.

  2. early shopper lol I’m starting to look for gifts in January lol and if I find what I’m looking for to the price I want to pay then it is mine even if it is January 2nd, July 1st or one day before xmas lol but usually I have all gifts covered end of July lol
    We has spring sales, summer sales, autumn sales and winter sales lol and when stores need space for winter items or summer items or if they move or renovate there are sales too this is why I usually start one day after xmas to make a wishlist and add items through out the whole year and make hooks behind items I got lol

    1. Well if I don’t have money to get DD and SIL anything I will be. Got the 4 & 6 year olds something last month and I’m kicking myself for not getting the 11 year old the same thing. Have something for the 12 year old but need to add a few missing items to it. Have a onesie for the 8 month old but will probably add pants and socks and a long sleeve top. At his age it’s easy to shop for him. Bought the 14 year old something earlier this week. Kids of fun trying to buy for so many but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Then I’ve got birthdays the first three months next year. As they turn 13, 1, and 15 in that order. The last two will celebrate together as the youngest is a Leap Day baby and his oldest sister insists on sharing her March 1 birthday with him.

  3. usually I shop months in advance, but the last 2 yrs, not so much, this is the first time I did cyber Monday and got a great deal on a newlaptop

  4. Generally have all mine done by now, but my son is going home to NZ for the school break (6 weeks) he is only 15 and the rest of my family are either flying home to NZ or travelling interstate, so I have no one to shop for except me…yay, spending my money on myself is something I don’t usually experience… Hello Amazon.com.au time to buy more books hehe

  5. Only a few to do so last minute. Christmas Eve afternoon and the prices often drop I preparation for the sales on Boxing Day. Crowds have gone as well.

    1. It really isn’t very busy and by that time most of the harassed shoppers have gone home. It is quite quiet and relaxing.

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