Extending from yesterday

Extending from yesterday, “being interesting” is really just about exposing yourself to ideas and thoughts and experiences that would be considered atypical by most people.
My ways of making that happen:
1. Expose and read ideas and essays and thoughts you would normally never find. http://thefeature.net/ is great, as are magazines. I’m a huge fan of New Philosopher magazine.
2. Take classes in random things. I’ve taken classes in latin dance, pottery, wood working, wood carving, extreme wilderness survival, improv, glass-blowing, and so many more. Some I was a miserable failure at. Some meh. But it taught me new things I would have never been exposed to. My next one is metallurgy/jewelry making with my woman.
Hell, a simple one to get started is taking a cooking class.
3. Give yourself downtime. And I don’t mean meditation – I mean a time to just relax, ponder, and enjoy the sensations around you. Akin to what David Cain wrote: http://www.raptitude.com/…/alternative-to-thinking-all-the…/
Since being interesting is mostly relative to other people… it ain’t too hard to be honest.

16 Thoughts to “Extending from yesterday

  1. I think it’s important to build a life you enjoy. Interesting for the sake of interesting is even worse. Gotta be something you like

  2. I missed yesterday’s post, but I find that being interesting is just a natural product of being interested.

    1. And since you can’t control the responses of other people, being interested is more rewarding.

  3. I’ve always wanted to take an extreme wilderness survival workshop (even though I whine for days when I get 1 mosquito bite). Where did you take it and how did it go?

    1. In Canada.

      I took a lot. Tons of fun. Became good friends with the instructor, went to his wedding πŸ™‚ [former British sniper]

  4. Now THAT would be the reason for me to go visit Canada! Cirque du Soleil and the possibility of running into Drake or Mike Meyers has just been moved down to numbers 2 & 3.

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