Obviously none of you did any animal sacrifices to stop the hurricane. The dead jew on a cross is no help either as usual. Maybe we need to step up our game.
The first to be beheaded are…………
Men who can’t do their age in push ups
Women who don’t make #BEEFSTEW
Mayor Deblasio
Yankee fans under 5’5
Men who whine
Men who drink pumpkin anything
Fat women who are on line at Wendy’s
Women who wanna be men
Governor Cuomo
DJS who play reggaeton
Men with more chins then than they can do pull ups
Single moms who are floozin more then me.
8TH Ave and 78th street residents
Amy Schumer
Your floozy Mother
Your fat hairy wife
Your 3 input sister
Bernie Sanders
The Pope of pedophiles in the Vatican
Feminized Men
Most of Hollywood
Anyone who watches MTV
Women who voted for Hillary the She-Flounder
Staten Island
East Brunswick
Fudgie the Whale

¡Agosto está casi terminado

¡Agosto está casi terminado !!! ¿Listo para dar un salto de fe? ¿Listo para ser su propio jefe ?? Listo para el ingreso extra.? ¿Listo para tener el efectivo que fluye adentro diario ??
Debe estar motivado
Debe estar listo para ganar dinero en efectivo
Conocer gente nueva
Debe estar listo para hacer de $10 por hora a $150 por hora … $250 por hora .. $350 … la elección es suya sobre cómo mover su producto!
Part-tiempo o tiempo completo .. Su elección!
Ya estás en medios sociales … ¿por qué no ganar dinero mientras estás aquí?
3 pasos para unirse
¡ siempre sea usted !!
Usted consigue un Web site libre,
El kit de $99 le da 35 piezas de joyería por valor de $175.
El kit de $299 le da 120 piezas por valor de $600 …
Y el kit de $ 499 le da 200 piezas por valor de $1,000.
¡Consultas serias solamente !! Que kit quieres?

These earrings are from the same line of the necklaces I posted and seriously this seller doesn’t let you down

These earrings are from the same line of the necklaces I posted and seriously this seller doesn’t let you down! All the Jewelry I have tried from this line has been beyond what I expected. From beautiful packaging to great quality jewelry!! These earrings are so light weight! I have issues wearing earrings and getting headaches from them and with these I have had no issues! They are so light I am able to wear them from when I wake up to when I go to bed without any discomfort! The earrings are also very well made and amazing quality! They haven’t left any discoloration in my ears like many earrings do for me. These earrings are so simple but so beautiful at the same time! I have been able to wear these from simple dressed down outfits to beautiful dresses. These really work with every outfit I have tried with them which I love!!! They also work extremely well with my hair completely up as well as with my hair completely down! The earrings also don’t come with backs and simple slip into your ears and stay in place!! If you’re looking for a perfect set of earrings to wear with any outfit these are def. a must!! #ad #Elite1sReviews…/B07…/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00…

Today I’m thankful for good people in the world

Today I’m thankful for good people in the world! My baby sister was out riding with her kiddos playing with the dog under a tree. Her horse flipped over with her and by the grace of God some super amazing men were working on the power line across the pasture from her house. They heard her yell as she couldn’t move and called 911. They ran over to her and grabbed my sweet niece and nephew and calmed them down. They stayed with them while the ambulance and fire truck arrived until my mom and I got there. They then took care of the horse and put him away making sure he had water. I’m thankful to report after a few days of rest she will be all good. Praise you Lord for sending watchful eyes…His eye is on the sparrow, I know he watches me…

In this season of convalescence and recovery

In this season of convalescence and recovery, I have been lavished by the love of friends. An outpouring of cards, fresh flowers, balloons, fruit, cookies, chocolate covered berries, nuts and cheese, books, even jewelry … not to mention meals!
Honestly, I am overwhelmed. I have been totally blown away by thoughtfulness and kindness pouring in from all over the country!
Humbled, grateful, and receiving the prophetic messages through each delivery. What a bountiful harvest of kindness I am reaping right now.
Thank you seems too small to express the gratitude and joy I feel. I am totally undone! #grateful #loved #blessed

Are you looking for “something” to help you financially with your dreams and goals

Are you looking for “something” to help you financially with your dreams and goals? So many friends I know have side businesses to do just that! The economy dictates that we all need to do something extra to get where we want to be! It shouldn’t have to be like that – put the economy to work for you by getting a piece of the profit margins back into your own pocket and earn a residual income while you are spending your money.
Tonight at 8:00 pm EST there are a few spots left in an informational webinar where a good friend and business partner is going to explain how it is absolutely possible to make your dreams and goals happen, no matter how old you are. Please don’t give up on your dreams. If you cannot fathom how it could ever be possible…we can and will show you a virtual tool that can get you to your goals.
The webinar is limited to 25 guests so message me for the link if you are interested. Log in a few minutes before 8:00 to guarantee a seat! You don’t know what you don’t know!

There’s nothing quite like a pair of great fitting jeans

There’s nothing quite like a pair of great fitting jeans. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that we’re the new brand ambassadors for Black Daisy Jeans! Whether it be the Tube Hi-Rise jean (Maddie) or the Billie Skinny jean (Tae), Black Daisy has something for everyone. You can find them and more at Macy’s, Bon-Ton and Belk.


I am incredibly grateful, to have been able to spend my entire birthday weekend, on a fully paid for retreat, by my incredible company, that I am so lucky to be a part of. I spent countless hours with top income earners, top leaders, and most of all the best cream of the crop individuals who LOVE what they do, Love to help others, give endlessly of themselves, and then teach others to do the same thing!! While making an amazing income! We were all gifted Tiffany & Co. Along with jewelry, accessories, and business tools. I feel priveledged to be a part of this company. Even more…. lucky and thankful to have so many incredible souls I call friends/family!!!
#lovewhatido #motivation #inspiration #retreat #fullypaidfor #success #acknowledged #appreciated #duplication #helpingothers #achievement #tifannyandco #grateful #priveledged #creamofthecrop

STOLEN: Several weeks ago Jewelry was STOLEN out of my mothers home in Southern Hills

STOLEN: Several weeks ago Jewelry was STOLEN out of my mothers home in Southern Hills… This is the 2nd time now. She had Diamond rings, Sapphire & Diamond band, and a Black & Diamond ring STOLEN… Along with her entire safe which contained more jewelry with much meaning.
PLEASE Keep an eye out on FB, Pawn Shops & FB Market Place!! (I tagged all of my favorite shoppers, keep an eye out!) Public SHARE if you CARE!