Calling ALL musicians

Calling ALL musicians!! I’m curious to know what your day jobs are to help pay the bills and support your dream! It takes a lot of hard work to balance the two so lets find out some new things about one another! I’ll start! For the past years alongside Worhol, I teach voice lessons and the one thing that most people don’t know about me, is I teach tennis at a country club! Music and sports have always been my two loves! I also am about to have my book, “Perception” released as well as a design company I am starting that focuses on jewelry and paintings! Ok, now YOUR TURN!!

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  1. omg! I LOVE tennis. I started really playing in college like 4 or 5 times a week. instead of doing music for a while. haha.
    I take on various gigs from orchestra pit player for churches and musicals to choir director, chart writer, wedding musician, but most of all teacher at Guitar Center. it kinda helps to have a degree in music to walk into different things, but not necessarily always. just putting yourself our there and taking on challenges if you have the drive and believe in your talent is the most important! =D

    1. That’s awesome! Tennis is a sport you can play your whole life! You said play in orchestra pit?? What all instruments do you play??

    1. We also have a 60 acre ranch in okie where we rescue mustangs . So between tennessee , Oklahoma, doing sessions, and touring , I spend my down time on a tractor cutting grass on both locations .

  2. My uncle has some property that he has for archery tournaments! Having land is so peaceful. I love the nature feel of it! But I am sure having to mow that grass can be a hassle!!

  3. I don’t really have an outside the industry job. I do videos, graphic design, music production, show promotion, go to school for my masters in business while building an entertainment company. I’ve wrestled with the idea though of getting a normal job.

  4. Ha I know having comfort sounds like a great goal but I’ve never really done anything with that in mind. It will all pan out. Wealthy isn’t having unlimited money but having unlimited time.

  5. I’m a car dealer, I own an independent pre owned dealership. Alot of responsibilities, deadlines. I’ve done it too long, it’s in my blood. Business has changed drastically over the years, not what it used to be. Everybody thinks selling cars is the quickest way to make alot of money…there’s alot of fees & expenses go in that people never think about, & supply & demand for especially low mileage, clean & clean title pre owned vehicles are bringing more money now than ever before. Just in case anyone was thinking of be coming a car dealer lol

    1. Oh I can only imagine what all goes into that! And as a customer we always want to lower the cost so I’m sure that makes it to where you get less as well!

  6. Yes, exactly lol everybody thinks they should hold every vehicle to Kelly Blue Book or NADA (South here uses NADA), & it’s really dependant on the supply and demand.

    1. I have always wanted to write film scores for movies! I’ve done a few and hope it will be something in my future as well!

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