information about the life, culture and spots in Sa Pa

 Money is indispensable in every trip, money to pay for the car, eating, shopping souvenirs … Therefore, many tourists often wonder how much Sapa tourism. So how much is enough for a tour in this mountain town?
In fact, the amount of money you carry depends on how long you travel or how long you spend traveling. Although Sapa is a mountainous area, it is very expensive. Guests should bring cash and ATM cards to withdraw if needed.
If shopping in Sapa travelers should prepare the retail price to be easier to buy instead of paying even large denominations.
Personal papers: Surely not forget to bring ID, ID card to rent room, driver’s license if you travel to Sapa by motorcycle …
Clothes: Most people who travel also want to bring a lot of beautiful things to take photos, especially female tourists. However, if the baggage is too heavy, it will affect the travel of travelers in the travel, especially if you travel to Sapa on a motorcycle.


information about the life, culture and spots in Sa Pa
Sapa is where you can experience "four seasons in a day", some cold in the morning, sunny as the spring at noon, cool wind like autumn when the afternoon falls and the bone chill in the evening . Therefore tourists traveling Sapa should wear thin clothes in the day and warm clothes, socks, scarves, woolen cap, thick jacket … to wear at night.
Footwear: Because Sapa has high mountainous terrain, if tourists bring high sandals or sandals to walk, it will be very painful. Therefore, it is advisable for travelers to wear climbing shoes or sneakers.
Personal items: Bring the necessary items such as toothbrushes, towels … Besides, visitors do not forget to bring sunscreen, insect repellent, abdominal pain, cough, cold …
Phone, camera: Sure to a place where there are many beautiful sights like Sapa can not not take pictures to save those beautiful moments. Do not forget to bring your battery charger, backup charger.
Sapa Tourist Map: If this is a self-guided trip, the Sapa tourist map will be of great help to travelers. Make the trip go smoothly and visitors will not get lost.
In addition, travelers should bring water and snacks to prevent hunger during the trip. Need to load enough energy to be able to discover many places in Sapa.
If you are traveling on a motorbike, you should bring your car repairing kit and spare tire to prevent any damage to your vehicle when traveling to Sapa. When riding a motorcycle, wear sunglasses, masks, gloves, raincoats, lapels.
Finally, the most important thing in Sapa travel is that visitors must have a good spirit and good health for the trip.

 The H’Mong are one of the ethnic minorities with a large population in northern Vietnam. Particularly, residents of Sapa are the largest.
There are many tourists when traveling to Sapa wondering about these houses because large or small houses are walled in a certain pattern. So why is the house built like that, then we go to learn some features about the spiritual and spiritual in this special H’Mong house floor.
With the environment on the high mountains, the cold climate, harsh … the house made of earth, roof tiles or paintings of the HMong have the advantage of cool in summer, keep warm in winter, against animals .
The H’Mong see the main column in the house, showing the straight, strong and stable of the landlord should be the tree not to be rotten tops.
This column is very important in the spiritual life of the H’Mong people. The habitat of the H’mong ethnic group has profoundly influenced the architecture of this ethnic group. The house of the H’mong, whether large or small, has a pattern, a three-storeyed house and two doors, a main door, an auxiliary door and two or more windows.


What is special in the house of the H'Mong ethnic group in Sapa
What is special in the house of the H’Mong ethnic group in Sapa
In the 3 main compartments, the left side is used to place the stove and the sleeping area of ​​the host couple. The right side put the stove and the bed. In the middle of the room is an altar for the ancestors and a reception place for the family. Two bowls of corn on the left, grinding rice.
HMong’s house always has a floor to store furniture, food, food. Whenever the rice is brought from the upland, it can be stored upstairs. In addition, the floor can also be used as a sleeping place when crowded. Kitchen fumes will dry and keep away from insects. HMong custom not for girls, women are sleeping on the floor. When the man in the house is away, the bride is not allowed to go upstairs. The HMongs’ home never gets together, even though they are brothers.
When choosing land for house construction, Mong people took 3 rice or corn seeds to put down the selected land and put bowls or wooden pots on top, then lighted 3 compressions of soil, burned 3 sheets of paper to apply for terrestrial homeowner The next morning or after 3 months, the landlord turned to look at the number of corn on the ground, if it still exists, then the land as a good place to do it. On the contrary, if the number of rice is deep, the ants eat up means that the land is not bad do not have to find other places.
After selecting good soil, the ground leveling, the foundation, the wall Wall work is quite elaborate. In the process of the wall, strangers are not allowed, especially women. When the wall is poured into the wood mold and use the clay to clamp the soil. The soil used to screen the wall is removed from the tree roots, rocks, grass, rubbish, so that the next mold to the other until the house finished.
When the H’Mong people enter the forest, they choose the pole to bring them directly from the forest, not to the ground, but to the top. They considered the pillar as the mainstay of the house showing the firmness of the landlord’s stable, so the pillar tree must not be deep forest or tops. This column is important in their spiritual life.
The main door of the H’Mong people also have to find good wood to do, if bamboo is the body or old mai. The door is always open, not open. The H’Mong do not use the iron hinges, which are completely wooden, because the H’Mong open the door to the human stomach, while the steel hinges are rigid objects. like a sword. In addition to the main door, the house of the H’Mong people also have auxiliary door, the way to put equipment for the dead in the funeral. Only when the new graveyard is given through the main door.
HMong people are often surrounded by stone around the fence. stone fences around a house or two houses have brothers relations with each other, forming a separate area.Hong HMong also made the house leaning on the mountain, abstaining from the house to turn back into the deep . The HMong people have three or more races, there are only one family, but not much, the rest is a village with many families live together. Throughout life, live side by side. high mountains, the walls of the H’Mong still retain the ancient beauty, always attract tourists to learn the customs and habits of a highland people in Sapa in the community of the Vietnamese people. Male.
Making a home is considered a very important thing in the Hmong life, so the new home day is the home of the owner. That day, people organized happy eating, good luck together.
Along with building a new home is making a barn. The barn is made with the main door, depending on the wind direction. To make a barn, people also have to look at the owner, calculate the date and then do. HMong people love cattle, sometimes even make cattle better housing. When making cattle stables, HMong people burn incense to worship ghosts, ghost farms for cattle or fast food, easy to raise.