Remember how I mentioned the Diwali lights resemble holiday lights in the West during the winter?

Remember how I mentioned the Diwali lights resemble holiday lights in the West during the winter? This was the JW Marriott Hotel New Delhi Aerocity at Diwali, October 29, 2013.
This was a busy day, btw: Coffee with Shikha Garbyal (Scorpio on Orkut!), dinner with Sourabh Sethi (Scorpio on Orkut!) and his then fiancée (now wife) Varnita Mahajan, a delightful day! (I’m not mentioning everyone I met each day because the days in terms of who I met on which day often ran together. By now, I had caught up with Garima Saini (Scorpio on Orkut!) and Pritpal Singh (Scorpio on Orkut!) and his wife, and had discovered those midnight roadside snacks with Anubhav (Scorpio on Orkut!) and Abhilash Nagpal–and I’m sure I’d already had coffee and hours of great astrological conversation with Sachin Malhotra and Neelabh Chaturvedi. (I’ll go through my notes when I’m working on the book and be more detailed then.) Thanks to Neelabh, I discovered the pleasures and kilograms of ladoos! (Thankfully, the ladoos are whittling off again too! lol).

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Today is Halloween

Today is Halloween.
One thing that should be evident when celebrating this day, is that we as a society LOVE to be scared. That is especially evident over the past ten years.
For example, in 1996, the amount of horror movies that were released was just seven. In 2017, so far, it is sixty-two. It is easy to see why. The movie "It," based off of Stephen King’s best-selling novel, has already generated $320 million worldwide.
Turn your attention to the haunted house industry. It raked in over $300 million in the year 2013. It annually serves 375 million people in the United States.
We seek out these environments because they are safe. Audiences know they are not going to be killed when they watch the film "It." Those that enter a haunted mansion know they will not be murdered. We want the thrill of death without personally experiencing it. Most of the time we undertake these experiences with family or friends. The result is that we are drawn closer together and form tighter bonds.
Yet outside of these fantasies are things that are far scarier. There are communities that do not have access to clean drinking water, corporations that look at the destruction of our environment as a business opportunity, more victims of sexual assault and harassment are coming out of the shadows to reveal industries and figures indifferent to their trauma, poverty is increasing, drug addiction is increasing, two nations are standing on the precipice of nuclear war, etc.
Enjoy today’s holiday with your friends, family, and neighbors. Just do not forget what should REALLY scare you.
That fear should motivate you to mobilize and form bonds with people that want to better humanity and pursue a vision of peace.

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You swim at the resort, then check out, leaving Phan Thiet Phan Rang, visit the scenic Bau Sen Trinh Nu. Stop by the sea breeze, take photo at Ca Na beach. To Phan Rang – Thap Cham town (Ninh Thuan province), to the hotel, you check in.
In the afternoon: Visit My Nghiep brocade village, Cham Bau Truc pottery village, Poklong Giarai grapevine.
You bathing, check out, car transport to visit Phan Thiet, you buy local specialties. Then, the delegation left Phan Thiet to Dalat, follow the new road Luong Son (Binh Thuan province) to Di Linh (Lam Dong province), across the Dai Ninh hydroelectric plant. Arrive Da Lat, to the hotel, you check in.
Afternoon: Visit Domain-de Marie church, visit Bao Dai, Bich Cau flower garden.
Evening: Have a walk around Da Lat at night, enjoy delicious food at night market, coffee flavor mountain town at Thuy Ta, sightseeing Xuan Huong Lake.

Traditional Villages in The Center

Da Nang Stone Village is a long time ago, and according to the tales of the elderly artisans in this stone village, the craft of Non Nuoc stone carving has been around for nearly 200 years. The Traditional Villages in The Center was established at the end of the 18th century, the people who publicly illuminated this trade village were Mr. Huynh Ba Quat – Thanh Hoa people. He settled down at the foot of Ngu Hanh Son Mountain, he discovered that this is a group of Marble Mountain can produce many decorative products, so he exploited to produce the spare time In addition to the farmer’s job, when free he took the stone to make, chiseled into tombstone, pestle and mortar, pound medicine, millstone, or make the lead stone for fishermen. people in the area, the products of Mr. Quat are more popular and buy, the number of customers more. So it brought him a good source of income. From here, he began to think that it would become a career that brought in income when idle, so he passed it on to his descendants and acquaintances around the village.
They have started to exploit stone and make tools and objects for daily life to earn their living, the products they create such as: millstones, pounding rice, then the The gravestones, tombstones and more are the production of Phuong, Dragon, Turtle to meet the requirements of the Temples, Tombs, Temples and the Palace.vvQua many years, the stone products here on a This is a very good thing, which marks the growing development of fine art stone.

Once upon a time

Once upon a time…
I moved to CA, and a few days after arriving, my new housemate offered me discounted artist ticket to this thing called Burning Man. (I think it was something like $75. "That art festival in the desert?" I asked. I had literally heard one sentence about it, and had never seen a photo. I gathered my tent and some clothes and a bag of food and craigslisted a ride. I was adopted by my co-pilot Audree Halasz, and had an AMAZING time.
The next year I was in the middle of producing a short film, craigslisted a ride (explained that I would need to be on the phone the entire time since I was in the middle of production), realized I didn’t have the main character cast as I went through the gates, had a fabulous time galavanting around on my own and hanging out with Terry, Andrew and Chloe, and hitchiked out 36 hours later to finish preparing for the shoot (and that film won an award).
The next year I was sitting in the offices of Current, moping, when on Wednesday Lauren and I decided if we could get tickets, we would leave the next day. We did. We brought our little tent, and a small cooler, no shade, went to a LOT of workshops to avoid the sun, and… had a great time.
Then I found my playa camp of dear friends. And for the next many years, luxuriated in the sweetness that is going with people I could carry the adventure home with. I went in an RV for a couple of those years (which was nice, but didn’t make or break my experience). i had a great time. Then babies started happening and our camp came to a close. So I said yes when invited into a theme camp . (Of all the years I went, that was least fun to be true). And started making a point of giving my gifts through workshops, was reinvigorated and reminded by the equisite nature of service, and my favorite…bringing the gifts to the deep playa. (Look for the "Ask for Magic or A Story" sign and I will most likely be close by with my basket of goodies and umbrella of hanging stories.)
My point is…I love seeing what people will do when given a blank canvas to play with. While Burning Man isn’t exactly a blank canvas anymore, there is no reason to get stuck thinking there is THE WAY to do it. There are a million ways to go and delight in the epic creativity of humans. And it doesn’t rquire a lot of hoopla to have an amazing time.
And…if you are in the neighbrhood of Red Lightening at 5:30pm on Thursday… CALLING ALL dancers, muscians, storytellers, and storylovers for SHE RISES: A Radical new creation myth for the times we are living in.

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Myanmar 2 week itinerary

3 more sleeps before a dream comes true! I depart on a #bucketlisttrip on Wednesday
I am part of a trip to Myanmar 2 week itinerary – I still can’t believe that I go & feel so humble.
First country: UGANDA
Uganda is in East Africa and presents itself with a vast diverse landscape encompassing the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains and immense Lake Victoria. Its huge wildlife includes chimpanzees as well as rare birds besides the remote Bwindi Impenetrable National Park which is a renowned mountain gorilla sanctuary – my ultimate to see ! Murchison Falls National Park in the northwest of the country is known for its 43m-tall waterfall and wildlife such as hippos.
I will leave my laptop in Cape Town!!! #nowork #Uganda #OpulentLivingTravel #Africa

vietnam travel guides

Vinpearl Land operates at 8:30 am and the demand is very large, usually from 8h30 to 9h there are more than 1000 people lined up to take the cable car here, see the baby carrying luggage , then the scene is sweaty, there are customers who can not afford to pay a return ticket. So, what time is it?
If you have children, there are older children with you, you can not go early, because if you go early children and the doctor will be tired can not wait to see the water music at 19h No time for napping. With our guide, to be not tired for the baby and the older doctor, I advise you to go around 13 pm.
There will be disagreements because the early hours are very sunny weather is not convenient to travel and have fun but it is not peak time you can take a taxi down and take the cable car is not always Waiting to go to the site will visit the venue before the wait until 15 pm then to the water park, the outdoor play area.

THE TIDES OF THE PRESENT, We all must have a bit of the Twilight Zone in our DNA, because there are days or parts of days when we drift out of our…

We all must have a bit of the Twilight Zone in our DNA, because there are days or parts of days when we drift out of our conventional sense of time and find ourselves a little bit a sea. I believe that perhaps I have been more prone to this than the average bear in this regard. It is my belief that time is like an ocean, and like an ocean, it has tides that ebb and flow.
And I’m talking about the future and the past, plus the fact that, in my mind, they actually flow in and out of the present. In some respects, the past has never fully passed and the future is more than only in the future. In other words, the waters of the past (and future) lap on the shore of the present, going in and out like ocean tides.
And I believe there are greater tides than the one I’m pointing to above. Earlier in my life, on several occasions, I was able to witness this for myself. Not only do the tides of my personal past and future ebb and flow, but history itself includes tidal phenomena. Not only events, but especially people, figures of state and notoriety, also go in and out of fashion in a tide-like manner. For example, a composer like Mozart may come in and out of prominence like waves of the past resurging. As the past resurfaces or promotes one author or musician over another, we run to document it. And here is the point: the needs of the present find us rehearsing those areas of the past that were presages of what we now need. We exhume them time and again as they relate to what the “now” demands. Memory to a significant degree is of our own making.
It’s the same with the future; it can start to come down and be present and then flicker for a time, fade out, and almost vanish from the present, only to come back some time later, but ever stronger. And, like the tide coming in, the future continues to approach, just as the past ever recedes, although the past has a wash-back that can resurge.
And those of us here now are like the boat that the tides of the past and future endlessly rock, the cradle of the present. The past and the future are not stable, if only because we endlessly embroider them to our own imagination and desires. Memory of the past is as fickle as our expectations of the future. The past and the future are vast areas of our mind that we can but peer into and guess at. We are all victims of the tidal effects of time.
And to perhaps put too fine a point on it for most readers to credit, I can attest from my experience, that in the swirls and shifts of time, every once in a while in my life, several perfect storms of time have brought me into contact with the impossible. I have no idea how or why, but I have had (and not on drugs) experiences of meeting the essence of individuals who had passed on years before. In particular, I felt I was with Billie Holiday (perhaps my favorite singer) and at another time with Frank Lloyd Wright, the architect. I can’t explain it and I have no reason to lie, plus I’m too old to care if folks think I’m crazy. But there you have it. The orb of influential persons in our life also seems to ebb and flow.
IMO, to a great degree, time is a social convention lived by the majority — a consensus. We don’t always remain within that convention, but in odd moments, days, and hours of our lives, we may wander into more unusual (altered) states of mind and time.
Eternity does not somehow just exist at the end of history or linear time. Eternity exists now, deep within (or without) time. And time does not extend to some end down the road. Individuals extend time and we endure for that length. We last until then and in-between, we stretch time, make time. We extend ourselves.
In moments of great vision, we leap between the seconds (beyond time) to the day of creation itself. We each have and develop our own sense of time and sometimes we are pushed beyond conventional time and into altered states of time that we cannot control, which is the sign of the shaman. I have spent years of my life in that time warp.
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Mekong Delta 2 Day Tour

Morning: Depart for Xeo Quyt – Dong Thap province.
Arrive at My Hiep tour operator, transfer to the Xeo Quyet vestige site. Here, you are guided by the guerrillas on a canoe to visit the secret cellar hidden in the primeval Melaleuca forest – where this was selected in the film Southern Land.
Noon: Have lunch at Xeo Quyt restaurant.
Afternoon: Depart Sa Dec.
Arrive Sa Dec you visit the ancient house Huynh Thuy Le – He is the lover of Marguerite Duras – The love that she wrote novels and filmed her lover (L’Amant). Continue your Mekong Delta 2 Day Tour, you will visit the flower village Sa Dec – this is one of the largest flower village in Vietnam. You admire many kinds of beautiful flowers and bonsai with life over 100 years. You depart to Chau Doc.
Arrive Chau Doc, you check in hotel for rest and dinner.
Evening: You free to visit Chau Doc at night.
Overnight in Chau Doc.