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Kim Son sedge village in Kim Son district, Ninh Binh province. Through hundreds of years of sea dyke strand, Kim Son has immense stretches of land, a land of rushes, providing a rich source of raw materials for the production of rush products to develop ceaselessly.
In recent years, the market economy has developed and life has been constantly improved, the demand for products for people’s daily life has also increased, including demand for seagrass products. . Therefore, the production of sedge products brought income sources accounted for significant proportion of local people.
In the past, the products of Kim Son sedge is mainly sedge (Kim Son sedge is very durable and beautiful, hard to find anywhere comparable). Today, the products are made from sedge very rich, diverse. There are also carpet, lanterns, trays, boxes, plates, cups, cups, hats, handbags, etc., also made of rushes.
After visiting the Architectural Complex of Phat Diem Cathedral and other attractions, visitors do not forget to look for some souvenir products at the souvenir shops next to the stone church or along Phat Diem town, The concept of travel and gifts for friends, relatives.

1st co-ed soccer scrimmage this season

The Cobra’s 1st co-ed soccer scrimmage this season. Although our boys won by a hair, the girls sure did kick butt and ssshhhhhh…… I secretly found myself routing for them bc they were just so crazy wicked fast, tough as hell & I even heard ppl saying "Imagine if they lose to a buncha GIRLS!" HA! It was pretty damn close! I saw one goalie jump like several feet, dive onto the ground, landing on her chest & she totally CAUGHT the ball kicked by one of our boys only a few feet away from her & she not only prevented us from scoring, but popped right back up like it was NOTHIN! She couldn’t be more than 45 lbs soaking wet. Now THAT’S AWESOME !!!!! You go girrrrrl I’m so so proud of ALL the kids. The girls sure made our boys sweat. I know Evan is sleeping lika baby tonight Thanx ladies it was an honor Awesome scrimmage kiddos.
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Vietnam Beach Holiday destinations

Nha Trang beach increasingly change the meat, harmony with the youthful and modern life, but the beauty of the sea Nha Trang still makes people fascinated and passionate. If anyone has been to Nha Trang, to the beautiful coastal city can not afford to overlook the opportunity to see the sunrise in this Vietnam Beach Holiday destinations . At 4:30 am, as a habit, no one told anyone to date to the sea. Calling each other, pedicabs, bait, open shop … all mixed into a very vibrant sound, characteristic of the sea city. 
The pictures are picturesque as the sun rises, giving glittering sun rays to the Jetty wood bridge. The dawn created a blush of sky like the girl in her twenties who was shy and shy. Walking on the beach, you will be "photograph" the magic moment of nature and immersed in the beauty of the sea city.

vietnam beach holiday travel guides

Mui Ne, on the east coast of Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan province, is a popular tourist resort with long sand banks, coconut shady roads, beautiful coastline and hot sand dunes. In recent years, Mui Ne has consistently been ranked high in tourism and foreign media. By 2014, Mui Ne is the second most popular beach in South East Asia by Canadiantraveller. Recently, Mui Ne has fallen into the list of 10 Asia Pacific’s impressive beaches as measured by Skyscanner. 
Watching from the angle of this view is poetic: Each small wave pat on the shore – where the coconut palms are reaching out to welcome the sun early and the other is the sun is rising after the clouds floating .  
Come here you will feel the peace with the wild features of the stretch of white sand.  
To Mui Ne, visitors can enjoy fresh seafood, bought from the fishing boats of fishermen often landing at dawn.