I’ve never been tempted to ‘unfriend’ anyone from FB until recently

I’ve never been tempted to ‘unfriend’ anyone from FB until recently. I’m ok with ‘friends’ who read every post of mine but never ‘like’ or comment. I’m ok with ‘friends’ who never check FB but still like to have an account. I’m also ok with ‘friends’ who sent a friend request but then never managed to stay in touch. But I’ve recently realised that what I’m NOT ok with are the constant complainers….the ones who NEVER have a single positive, humorous or uplifting thing to say about themselves, others or the world in general. Yes, we all have moments where we want to rant and that’s only human and understandable. But when people ONLY post whining posts, that’s where I draw the line.

Its a sad July 4th

Its a sad July 4th. For the first time I can remember, not a time of celebration. We used to celebrate Walter Isaacson’s biography of Ben Franklin, or perhaps David McColough on john adams. Thats us we’d exclaim! Today we are urged to read about Roy Cohn to better understand Trump’s authoritarian ways. We used to celebrate that good ‘ol American openness, science, curiosity, learning, the melting pot, and progress, always progress. Today we ask, “is that still us?” Is this an interregnum of American excellence and exceptionalism, or has the torch been snatched from a new generation? Its a liminal moment. And more fragile than we ever might have expected.

Please read this paragraph and then help with this question: if we simply can’t fight Trump on Trump’s terms

Please read this paragraph and then help with this question: if we simply can’t fight Trump on Trump’s terms, then we need to understand OUR terms. What are OUR terms?
“At the Washington Examiner, Byron York argues that those who fight Donald Trump on Donald Trump’s terms end up diminished. Trump sprays insults with abandon, mocking everything from his critics’ intelligence to their popularity to their ethics to their plastic surgery, but those who engage with the president of the United States on his own level make themselves look smaller and meaner, and they are never able to go as low for as long as Trump.”

Our little glamour girl

Our little glamour girl…
tomboy with a ginormous heart… Who keeps me SO busy I don’t even have time to put everything here I want to say lol!!
Darling Malayna, you continue to grow into such a charming, smart, loving and kind little lady… keep spreading your cheer everywhere you go sweetheart!!! Running into age 6 like #WATCHOUTWORLD‼️

God doesn’t have to be mentioned by name

God doesn’t have to be mentioned by name, in order to be present. His providence is lining up every chapter and season of our lives, even when we can’t clearly see it. Although there may be times when God seems silent, let’s not interpret that to mean He’s not involved or doesn’t care about what’s happening to us. God cares deeply and He is very present, actively working out every detail to bring forth His best plans for you and me.

Our lives are not teetering on the waves of luck or happenstance. They are divinely directed and securely held in the hands of God the Father, who loves us and wants the very best for us.

Prayer to start the week: Heavenly Father, sometimes it’s hard to see how You are actively working in my circumstances. Honestly, it doesn’t always appear to be good. There are times when I need You most and I sense silence instead of guidance. Help me to trust You completely, especially in times of uncertainty. To believe that You have my best interest in mind. To remember that Your love for me wraps around every situation I’m wrestling with. And to trust that because I am Your child and I’m desiring to seek Your will, my life is securely positioned in Your providential plan. In Jesus’ name, amen.

This amazing reminder that I so needed to start another week in this season I’ve found God taking me through was taken from one of my new favorite apps, First 5, from Proverbs 31 Ministries, and I’m just going to say this- another amazing tool to help me make scripture an everyday part of my life but in a way that I get it and can apply it to my life. I also just need to say, if I’ve learned anything it’s this- when you’re going through something or even when you’re not, and maybe God doesn’t seem present- he is and all the answers you’re looking for can be found in prayer and His word… stay in step friends- our best days are yet to come ❤️ #Proverbs3Verse5

no need to hate mondays when you love

no need to hate mondays when you love
what you do + love where your life is…
if you aren’t making changes, don’t complain
i used to dread mondays, family time was over, back to crazy work weeks, long days + longer nights (gotta love retail), dealing with people i had to tolerate it, missing out on everything & HIGH AF anxiety.. all while my heart was yankinggggg me in another direction, but i legit felt like i “had to” work a “regular job”..
let me be the first person to say this to you, if that’s how you think and feel, YOU CAN FOLLOW YOUR HEART AND STILL BE “NORMAL”.. just COOLER..
you have control over your life. if you have a passion for something “unconventional” FREAKING GO FOR IT.. don’t live life in fear or regret..
i have been my own BOSS for over a year & a half..
i don’t dread a thing anymore..
& well.. i think everyone around me is thankful.. bcuz the real me is back.. i got my life back.. i talk to so many different types of people throughout my days, who share some of their biggest/scariest struggles with me & we connect, it makes me a better person everyday.. i am able to surround myself with people who pour into my life which makes me able to do the same..
we are all made so differently, don’t just assume & put yourself into an A B or C box, be who you want, do what you want.. ✌