I’m SICK and TIRED of the people who will BUY the THINGS they WANT and then will turn around and BEG OTHERS for the THINGS they NEED

I’m SICK and TIRED of the people who will BUY the THINGS they WANT and then will turn around and BEG OTHERS for the THINGS they NEED!! #GoFigure??
Wants/Buys List Examples:
Luxury Cars
Lavish Dinners
Bottles in the Club
Vacations Around the World
Luxurious House
Needs/Begs List Examples:
Affordable Car
Affordable Shelter -House or Apt
Good Credit
Balanced Diet
LifeInsurance ⚰
Workout Regime
Stop chasing what your mind wants and you’ll get what what your soul needs.

It is a wonderful Wednesday and I am so very happy for me

It is a wonderful Wednesday and I am so very happy for me. Today I had a great workout, things in my life are bubbling nicely and I am ready for my first really relaxing weekend. I may just lay out and do nothing. Or I may find something interesting to do. I took this weekend off because normally I am at the Universe this weekend working but I need a little more fun and pleasure this weekend. I love my work, but I also love other things. And this weekend I am following my inspirations.
Picture: Hitting my shots at the gym…. I am still looking pretty good. Maybe I will put back on some weight. We will see what feels fun.
THBM (Tad’s Happy Bubble Meditation):
Today I am focused on my good feelings that are rolling in like magic! I am happy where I am. The weather is wonderfully sunny and warm here in PA. I can feel the love in my life, and I know just how loved I am by others and by this incredible universe! I know that when I focus on my good feelings, I can milk each moment, elongate each minute, and make each hour of joy taste better and better. It is like adding salt to an already delicious meal, and now the flavors are enhanced and richer and so much more stimulating. So I breath in my goodness and I remind myself that nothing is really wrong right now. Everything is so right. I don’t need to wait for any physical manifestations in order to be happy. But instead, because I know all my dreams are coming to me, and my wellbeing is always secure; I don’t have to worry, stress or fear that I am in peril. All I need to do today is feel the goodness and perfection of all this that is with me and around me. And when I do, I feel the greatness that we all are!
I know that we make this life so much harder than it has to be. Most feel that they need the “stuff” of life to be present, right now, in order to create the energy of excitement, love and joy that we all really want. The feelings of joy and love are always the endgame for us all. So we move in our lives seeking the “things” that we think will give us each the emotional output of joy that we want. And a lifetime of this we call a happy life. I know that a happy life is each of our entitlements. And we each came into this life for this reason of happiness, and we knew that it was a sure thing. But now that we each are here, what makes this life so wonderful is our ability to heighten our emotional satisfaction by experiencing the contrast of what we don’t really enjoy, so that when we do feel our wellbeing, our own goodness and joy, we feel our happy feelings with more intensity, more vigor, and we appreciate each of them in deeper ways than before.
I know that this life is all about joy and appreciating each and ever turn of our individual stories. We all have such great stories. We write them as we go along in our lives and we are the best story tellers there are! I am writing my great story with each wonderful feeling, each contrasting moment, and each moment of gratitude and appreciation that I feel! And what a story I am unfolding. So I will create a great story. This universe was made with the energy of love, and so where each one of us. And the best part of being a story writer and teller is that we get to sit back, and enjoy the great feeling ride we each are on as we go. So enjoy today, enjoy the ride, and enjoy the you that you have come here to be. I am love. I am good. I am joy.

“We must never confuse elegance with snobbery

“We must never confuse elegance with snobbery.” – Yves Saint Laurent
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You all are wonderful

You all are wonderful! Did you all know that? I sit at my desk today after a good chest workout, living in my wonderful feelings of gratitude for my life, and I can’t help my thoughts are pulled to think about the infinite energy of love that moves so beautifully in this life. Wow… I am brought to tears often times just thinking about it. I feel the love in my life each day as I move through my experience. I feel it in my smile. I feel it in my walk. I feel it in the good taste of my food. I even feel it in the frustrations that I experience from time to time, because I know that what gives way is a sense of gratitude for me, for my life, for the feelings that I get to have when my wellbeing comes to me. And it always does. What great feelings!
Picture: Today in the gym after my chest workout. This old stringer I love, I wear it on chest days because of how comfy it is. Funny, I got this tank for free almost 20 years ago at a photo shoot I did after a contest. I was just flattered that someone wanted to print my image and I got a couple free tank tops from a mix bag of tanks they had for me to wear in the shoot. I kept 2 and this is one of them.
THBM (Tads Happy Bubble Meditation):
Today I am in a bubble of love. I love my happy bubble. In this place that I go each day, I am surrounded by the powerful energy of love. I feel all the sensations that please me the most. I can hear my mother and my grandmother calling me with the tender voices that only mothers have for their beloved children.
And when I focus even more on my loving thoughts, then more beautiful images and feelings of joy, excitement and so much love come over me like the warm waves of a tropical beach that wash in and out of the sand. What a life I get to have! I am so thankful for all that I have been, all that I am and all that I am unfolding.
Some may think this is just an imaginary world that I live in. And from their perspective, it is. But from my vantage point, which is the only one that has power over my world, I get the best manifestation there is…. I get what everyone wants. I get what every goal was ever set for. I get what every intention was ever concieved for. I get what we all really want from our lives. I get the emotional output; I get wonderful feelings! I receive each day the feelings of love, the feelings of excitement, and yes…the beautiful feelings of joy in abundance! And so this is why i am the way that I am today. I have in so many ways, come to terms with me. I know who I am. I am an infinite being of love energy that is physically expressed into this life for the sole intention of experiencing joy. Nothing else really matters all that much. Joy is my name.

Wow how wonderful is my life

Wow how wonderful is my life? Well, each day I make it an exercise in my own life’s happiness, to encourage joy in my heart, by taking some time each day to remind myself of all the wonderful aspects of my life. And let me tell you, when you stop to pay attention to all the beautiful and wonderful elements and moving parts of your life, and how wonderfully each serves us all… well I am in awe. I feel such a deep sense of gratitude for all that is before me in my life. What a great and wonderful ride of life this is. Thank you Universe!
Picture: Every day has a sunset, and yesterday Kiana and I went to the park and look what I captured at the right moment. Me adoring my daughter and helping her swing and just as she hits the backside of her swing, she gets a sunset halo! My angel, my princess, my joy, my love, my wonderful life!
THBM (Tad’s Happy Bubble Meditation):
I breath in my joy slowly, and I exhale anything that may take me away from my bliss. Over and over again each day, I remind myself this is how I live each moment, milking the joy and the good feelings that I can always have any time I want if I choose to align with the power of my own being and follow my beautiful loving intentions. There is so much in my experience today that I am thankful for, but what I am thankful for the most, aren’t things at all. Instead, my deepest points of appreciation come from all of my feelings of peace, harmony, gratitude, warmth, excitement, love and joy that manifest right before me each and every day. Thank you Universe this ride of life is such a gift!
I know that if all of our lives were a movie, my life’s movie would be such a wonderful tale. It would tell a story of my early life’s economic scarcity, and how that gave away to desire that built the foundation of what I would ask for in my life today. I would also become plagued with strong insecurities about the my body, my own sense of worthiness, my own beauty, and my own sense of goodness. But, these insecurities would be my most powerful allies in helping me to move toward an understanding of who I really am. And where these insecurities have moved my understanding to today is that I am good. That is it. I am beautiful exactly as I am. And I am completely worthy of every desire that I can imagine. And I do not ever need to make myself worthy of anything in this life. I came here worthy of it all.
I also know that all the insecurities and pain, and hardships that I may endure are all here to serve me. They are all here to be my powerful inspiration and motivation to get what I please in this life. They also bestow onto me a deep sense of appreciation for all of my victories and my acquisitions. I know that this life is good. But I also know know that it isn’t the getting of the “things” that is my greatest topic of enlightenment, but instead it is the wonderful journey to each of these wonderful persons, places and things that I enjoy in my life today. I am learning along the way, that it is fun to get all the cool “stuff” of life, but the REAL juice is in the journey there. Along the way, we get glimpses of our joy, moments of ecstasy, blips of beautiful bliss and we get to share these with whomever we choose to. And it is in the giving of love to each other that we get to realize just how powerful these manifestations of joy really are. When we share our love with others, it is in that moment that we are doing exactly what we came here to do. We didn’t come here to just get our cool stuff and experiences, no we came here to give. Because in the giving from ourselves, we receive all the benefits that we came to this life to FEEL. After all, feeling love from another is truly awesome, but giving love unconditionally to someone, knowing that they are me, and we are all connected in this time-space reality, so when one person feels joy, we all benefit so greatly, our purpose in this life is fulfilled. We truly are the creators of our own realities and we are co-creators of everything! And we came here for the blissful experience of feeling love, feeling excitement, and feeling the joy that we can create from this wonderful thing we each call our lives.
Today, know that I wish on each of you, the eternal joy that is your birthright. And the perspective that empowers you to see yourself as you truly are; a wonderfully magnificent unique creation that can feel the awesome sensations of excitement, love and joy! This is why we are here! I am so thankful.

Sometimes I am so behind and flabbergasted with my own work that it spills over to my editors and people trying to paste stories around art and put something on the shelves or online

Sometimes I am so behind and flabbergasted with my own work that it spills over to my editors and people trying to paste stories around art and put something on the shelves or online. Deadlines derail and crash into each other, and yet it still happens. I’m pausing this morning, after writing since dawn while my boys are asleep, to send up thanks to those who help the words get out there.

Please in God’s name tell me how is this ok

Please in God’s name tell me how is this ok??? How is this still happening? How are innocent lives being taken without any remorse or consequence. How is this bastard walking free while the man he shot is dead and his child scarred for life? What kind of messed up country do we live in??? As someone who’s worked with people for a long time, the only explanation of these killings that I can rationalize is that there’s still this fear of a black man, within white Police force. Why?Why aren’t Police Academies teaching white officers that they shouldn’t be fearing black men at the wheel? Why aren’t they teaching white officers to treat black men with the same respect as they do others? Why aren’t they teaching them to at least shoot in the air or in the leg or just not fucking shoot at all! Why is there a fear of Black Men within Police? That’s really what it boils down to, they’re afraid and for a lot of them there’s prejudice and racism that has never gone away! It breaks my heart. Police really needs a big rehaul and bring in experts to examine every officer that goes out on patrol, examine his mind and his soul prior to allowing them to handle a gun! I would do it for free, in order to save more lives …. #ripphilandocastile #blacklivesmatter #fuckedup #karmaisabitch #unbelievable

Don’t use fake RE:’s in the subject lines for emails that you send to your list

Don’t use fake RE:’s in the subject lines for emails that you send to your list.
You know, the subject lines that say “RE: that thing we were talking about yesterday” or “RE: our conversation”.
The person opens the email, and it’s a fancy sales pitch for something or other.
Tricky subject lines may get the person to open the email, but it won’t get them to buy.
I’m all for using curiosity-evoking subject lines, but you don’t need to use fake RE:’s to pique people’s curiosity.


Apple, Samsung, Microsoft: WikiLeaks blows lid on scale of CIA’s #Vault7 hacking arsenal.
CA Comments: I personally cant vouch for the accuracy of this posting, noting that the source is Wikileaks, the tool allegedly used by Russia to attempt to influence the last US election and also RT, an arm of the Russian Government. That said if it is true, one gets an insight here of the unbelievable influence of the CIA and its methods of entering our lives through Apple, Samsung and Microsoft:

In narrowing the concept down to the microcosm

In narrowing the concept down to the microcosm, the ego or soul acts verily as the middle principle connecting the Hierarchy of Monads with outer diversified forms which they use sequentially in the process of:
a. Gaining certain experiences, resulting in acquired attributes.
b. Working out certain effects, initiated in an earlier system.
c. Cooperating in the plan of the solar Logos in relation to His (if one may use a pronoun in speaking of a life which is an existence and yet is an extended concept) Karma – a point oft overlooked. This Karma of His must be worked out through the method of incarnation and the subsequent result of the incarnated energy upon the substance of the form. This is symbolized for us, if we could but grasp it, in the relation of the sun to the moon. “The Solar Lord with his warmth and light galvanizes the moribund Lunar Lords into a spurious life. This is the great deception; and the Maya of His Presence.” – So runs the Old Commentary oft quoted by me in earlier books. The above concept has in it truth for the individual soul likewise.
This middle principle is in process of revelation now. The lower aspect is functioning. The higher remains unknown, but that which links them (and at the same time reveals the nature of the higher) is on the verge of discovery. The structure, the mechanism, is now ready and developed to its point of usefulness; the vital life that can guide and motivate the machine is likewise present, and man now can intelligently use and control, not only the machine, but the active principle.