Come hear me read and see some cool artwork on Saturday for my friend Tyrome Tripoli’s show

Come hear me read and see some cool artwork on Saturday for my friend Tyrome Tripoli’s show!
Gallery Petite
114 Wilson Ave Bushwick Brooklyn 11237
Saturday May 27 2017, 6-10pm
Here’s what Ty has to say about it:
Poet Michael Tyrell curates a reading fit for an Alien God.
Come hear the trippy sounds of Roarke Menzies, in outer-space.
Soundscapes of our world by Nova the Wraith heard through the ears of our ancestral, alien gods.
And space out on the live, psychedelic imagery created by Valeria Divinorum.
Artists: Roxanne Jackson, Andy Diaz Hope, Gazoo “To The Moon”, MP Landis, Sonomi Kobayashi,
Ryan Michael Ford, Dasha Basanova, Giamo, Matta Tripoli, Amunet Shah, Gina Ruggeri, Cordy Ryman

The author

The author, John Fioravanti, has done a marvelous job is selecting each of the inspirational quotes he has chosen for inclusion in this book. Starting off with a selected quote and who said it, the author then shifts his reader’s attention to how each quote has come to manifest itself in own existence as he reflects on his personal thoughts. As I read through each of the quotes I found myself experiencing my own contemplations as to how each of the quotes relates to life, with a variety of emotions, from sad to happy, coming up for. I read this book over a course of two days, because I wa…

C’era un cielo meraviglioso

C’era un cielo meraviglioso, ed io mi sono sorpresa ancora come fosse la prima volta. E davanti a tanta meraviglia mi sembrava quasi di dovermi fermare, fosse anche solo per un istante, per riprendere fiato. Tutto intorno la campagna e il nulla. Con il silenzio di una terra tanto bella quanto sconosciuta ai più.
Con l’ombra che cambia le prospettive, creandone di nuove, e bisogna saperci stare davanti al sole. E saperne descrivere la magia, o quantomeno provarci, anche se le parole immiseriscono ed un sentimento è, per sua stessa definizione, inafferrabile.
Ad afferrarla pensa lui. Il rosso. Sulle labbra, negli occhi, sulla mia borsa firmata Cuoieria Fiorentina
#chilioutfit #cuoieriafiorentina
: MaxFiorindo Fotografo
Alessia Milanese
Per acquistare la borsa cliccare qui:…

Equality does not mean equivalence

Equality does not mean equivalence.
Men can never be equal to women. Today I heard some lady on 702 arguing that it is an act of violence for her cousin boys, uncles and brothers to ask her to be the one who makes tea for them because she’s a woman.
Okay, say we run with that argument and a lion enters the room just after everyone has made tea for themselves and the men runaway without protecting her. The very same feminists will lament that the men were not “men enough.” Should we lash out this pretext? This presumes some role of a man, doesn’t it?
The problem is that men are not protecting women and women want to be equivalents of men.
A woman who is experiencing leadership and protection from a man will never feel the need to be an equivalent of a man.

By now you have seen some of our product presentation videos and may have even visited our website

By now you have seen some of our product presentation videos and may have even visited our website. We are still working on the website so bear with us but enough has been done whereby we can open for your business.
The Diamond Ranch Shopping Network is a full spectrum marketing company spearheading African people, products, talents and skills through the 21st century and beyond.
We are not trying to go viral we are just announcing our arrival. We want you to know we care and is here to help and with your help, support, patronage and word of mouth we are leading the way to market share.
We feature culture, history, education, wellness, haircare, jewelry, veracious readers, prolific writers and published authors.
We feature music, art, culture and education by sister/Dr. Joan Cartwright . We feature theater by the incomparable sister, singer and actress Wanda Ray Willis-Raynor
We feature healthcare, nutrition and wellness by sister Dr. Cherilyn Lee .We have accomplished writers and published authors represented by the gifted and anointed sister/pastor, reader, writer and author Janet Marie Fears .
We proudly and exclusively feature Queen Hailemah’s 100% pure and organic high quality shampoo soap …. (Definitely order this, You will love it!)…GRADE A.
We feature the hard to find, one of a kind Radio Shack Chess Challenger (the best chess computer ever built) …. DEFEATS 98% OF ALL CHESS PLAYERS WORLDWIDE …..GRADE A.
We feature clothes, shoes, movies, music CD’s. LP’S, Cassettes, computer software, emergency food and much, much, more.
Join us as our target, support and customer base to enlighten the spirit, build the body and strengthen the mind.

Guess what

Guess what, everyone? I’ve created a video series!!!! Please share!
People are always asking me about foreign language learning and teaching. This video series is where I answer your questions!
There are 17 videos in this batch (see first 5 on YouTube). Each covers a “hot topic” – What does “fluency” mean? – What does it mean to be “functional” in a language? – What’s the best way to learn a language? – What do you think of Rosetta Stone? – What do you think of full immersion? – and so on…
I’ll post a new video every 7-10 days, through the “Functionally Fluent!” FB page, and through my personal page. (Don’t worry, I’ll still post family updates, silly puns, and dating crises, lol.) I’ll still be “Diana M. Gruber friend and family member”, not just “Diana M. Gruber, Language Expert.”
But since I’m also that, here you go! Please watch, enjoy, and SHARE! 🙂
Video #1 – WELCOME to Diana’s Language-Teaching and Language-Learning World! 🙂
Xem bản dịch

Holy cow

Holy cow…. walked the mall and went to all clothing stores in search of some shirts in my size (like they really would carry them) plus stopped off to visit a friend working at Yankee Candle, then stopped in for a purchase at Teavana. Before that I drove and walked through Kohls, Old Navy, & Ross searching for a shirt as well. I also went to Dollar General, Dollar Tree, General Dollar stores for some supplies, then a run to Petsmart for Harlequinn’s dry food. Good knight! Do my legs feel like rubber! LOL But it felt good to be out and walking. Despite missing my meds currently, the herbal teas I’m drinking and change of diet has me feeling very good. I feel productive again. Unfortunately only found one shirt my size and it just barely fits. Well, a good walk tomorrow paired with today’s, and other up to come days will help take care of that. My legs and feet may hurt, but the rest of me feels wonderful. lol Oh did I mention I’m just now going in to work! 🙂

Lol so I noticed Momzies wearing a new bracelet yesterday

Lol so I noticed Momzies wearing a new bracelet yesterday. If you are Asian you know how Asian Momzsies are with their “gold jewelry.” It’s kind of a big deal to buy, wear, and to give them to your kids. Anyways she was wearing a new diamond bracelet and I’ve never seen it before and was like…
Me: Mom, is that a new bracelet?
Momzies: Yeah…
Me: Don’t you have gold one too?
Momzies: Yeah….
Me: Soooooooo when did you get this one?
Momzies: Last year..
Me: Soooooooo how much was it?
Momzeis: HEY!!!! You ask too many questions, when I die–you get to have it okay?
Lol the bracelet was like $1k–not that I mind, I think it’s cute she bought herself something nice ya know? I am quite proud of her–but I think she feels a little guilty that she didn’t buy me one, but I already have a $1k bracelet from 2010 that she got me in California. I rarely wear it because I don’t want to accidentally lose it. I only bust it on occasions when I need to bling amongst all the other Asians LOL. Don’t know why she feels guilty, but she’s being a MOM and all I gotta say is being a Mom is probably the most thankless job ever and if my mom want’s to treat herself; she shouldn’t feel like a “bad mom” for it…DO YOU MOMzies….I support it!!!

TGIM’s so proud to celebrate our very own Rolando Federiso Birthday

TGIM’s so proud to celebrate our very own Rolando Federiso Birthday! Of course master chef for the night – Raymond John Solon, our BBQ specialties! Thanks to our TGIM friends Kuniko Jessup, Vivian Veluz, Ferdie Mallari & Flor Canlas, Rosie Roa Gloria Holloway & Carlo Ravancho. Our forever TGIM emcee Ms Joy Mitchell and Stardancers!

Great night last night with the quartet Tango BC

Great night last night with the quartet Tango BC! They played great tangos, milongas and vals’ with a few special treats. They delighted us with Argentine zamba and chacarera! So fun dancing with Claudio, Conrad and Michelle to the folklore music. Next time, we will have more people on the dance floor. Maybe a workshop to inspire more folklore music and dancing???
Thank you so much Yuliana for coming out as our community builder! This girl knows how to throw a party, so I was very happy when we were able to throw a grand party for her. Thank you for bringing Ricardo, he is very sweet and you guys danced beautifully. So glad you guys performed for us!
Derek, thank you so much for making yourself avail for this night. It definitely needed the Derek Tang-O spice to keep it cookin’! You brought your A game bro!
Jason Orens, thank you as always being avail to keep my head on straight! You are a great host, my friend!
Berna with her Bella Style was a success last night! So glad you brought your clothes girl! Also, Yuli B Shoes and Dragon Stone Jewelry is really starting to pick up in OC! Don’t miss our vendors when they are out!
Thank you to everyone who made it out last night! It was a great OC venue and non of it could have been possible without the owner of the house, Shesha Marvin! Thank you Shesha for bringing Tango BC to Atomic and giving everyone the sounds from a quartet! Truly a magical night with many more to come!
Next weekend we celebrate together at Ilona’s marathon! I’ll be there Friday and Saturday night, then we end it off celebrating Joe Banks and David Stockin Sunday night at Atomic as our Community builders of OC! Details about these two coming soon!
Thank you everyone!