If you really want to know God intimately and fulfill His call on your life

If you really want to know God intimately and fulfill His call on your life, you had better get very serious about overcoming offense. You will be wronged, hurt, and mistreated. It’s a fact of life. But giving any place to offense, bitterness, or unforgiveness can close your heart off to God’s presence and derail you from His purpose for you. The good news is, when you begin to follow Jesus’s example and embrace forgiveness, you will find yourself experiencing God’s nearness and set free to run in your calling like never before. Your relationships will flourish, and you’ll find God reworks what the enemy meant for harm to position you for your destiny.
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THE BLISS CLASS: This was an amazing and juicy class I co

THE BLISS CLASS: This was an amazing and juicy class I co-offered with my psychic soulsis Lisa Campion. Exploring the energetic mechanics of the pain body and the bliss body, flow and burnout, we both went deep into the mysteries of the void and shared so many personal (and painful) insights, ahas, tips, techniques, funny anecdotes, mindset and languaging shifts. Ways we both personally deal with these funky, transcendent and wild energies. I may need to re-listen myself. Sometimes extreme bliss can trigger extreme fears. Panic, even. It can bring up old debris. It can feel like you are stuck and looping. In your own way. In unhelpful and unhealthy habits or patterns. Like something or someone is “too good to be true”. It will bring up any and all old unhealed, sticky, yucky, icky, slimy root/second/third chakra stuff. We really can deliberately and consistently use bliss as a CONSCIOUSNESS ENHANCING (and subsequently life improvement) TOOL. And it doesn’t even take a ton of meditating, mind-altering substances to assist, crystals, chanting, bending yourself into pretzel poses, breathing like a dolphin, special pilgrimages to India or Peru…(though those are all cool)…it *does* involve an exploration of sensual energies and how they are run and exchanged, it *does* involve looking at our receptivity to life and our inspired action and balancing those in FLOW… Anyway…I’ll see if there’s a way we can re-offer this info if there is a desire. I know I often get these downloads/uploads/crownloads sometimes YEARS before I’m really deeply integrating or experientially living them out myself. Personally…I want to lean more towards and into (sustainable) bliss and nod at trauma (as a dark teacher and initiator into the sacred)…but not ever give it the wheel or a vote.~CAW


“And Elijah said unto Ahab get thee up eat and drink for there is a sound of abundance of rain”(1 kings 18:41)
I’ve seen people who received anointed words just like this one but didn’t do what Elijah did. And when the prophecy they got didn’t come to pass they wondered what had happened. Well it didn’t come because they didn’t follow it up. Elijah didn’t stop at prophesying an abundance of rain,he did something more. He prayed.
When king Ahab went up to eat and drink Elijah didn’t join him to feast. Instead he went to the top of mount Carmel to pray. Though the prophetic word he’d received assured him there’d be abundant rain,Elijah still went to pray.
Many Christian often make the mistake of stopping at the prophecy instead of using the prophetic word to continue in prayer. Too many times people have their desire just within reach and somehow still don’t get it. This is the reason someone may have the contract he bid for approved without ever getting the approval latter. Then he begins to wonder what in the world happened. Yes he heard the sound of abundance of rain all right but he didn’t follow up with the right kind of prayer. This is where many stop and their dreams become stillborn.

What should I do

What should I do,
I smile I do not weep,
I have a wall before my eyes,
With BOLD n Black headings,
A pile of breaking news,
Going to fail in drawing attention,
Of wild human beings,
Taste of vision of blood,
Serial of explosions,
Trails of killings,
An essential part of,
Breakfast and dinners,
Like an interesting soap,
Increasing appetite,
To have more in styles,
Victims dead bodies,
Are just extra characters,
Of these short viral clips,
We are viewers with rights,
To demand improved quality,
Till a moment destined,
Without any doubts,
We are to perform this role,
Soon discrimination,
Will be shunned overall,
Killers directors of these,
Clips will become actor
To undergo heat of fire,
Discharged by an exploded body,
Castles luxury bungalows,
Will become ashes of debris ,
Few those void of greed,
Will accompany the real peace,
With real promised Man.
By Muhammad Mushtaq Khan.

“It is the form of writing that displeases me

“It is the form of writing that displeases me, I feel that within me is maturing a completely new and original form which dispenses with the usual formulas and patterns and breaks them down, and which will convince people – naturally through force of mind and conviction, and not just propaganda. I badly need to write in such a way as the act on people like a thunderclap, to grip them by the head – not of course through declamation, but by the breadth of outlook, the power of conviction and the strong impressions I make on them.” – Rosa Luxemburg.

Three things differentiate living from the soul versus living from ego only

Three things differentiate living from the soul versus living from ego only. They are: the ability to sense and learn new ways, the tenacity to ride a rough road, and the patience to learn deep love over time. The ego however, has a penchant and a proclivity to avoid learning. Patience is not ego’s strong suit. Enduring in relationship is not it’s forte either. So it is not from the ever-changing ego that we love another, but rather from the wild soul. ‘A wild patience’, as poet Adrienne Rich puts it, is required in order to untangle the bones of love, to learn the meaning of death, to have the tenacity to stay with it. It would be a mistake to think that it takes a muscle-bound hero to accomplish this. It does not. It takes a heart that is willing to die and be born and die and be born again and again.“

Please take this with a grain of salt

Please take this with a grain of salt. This is interesting, but somewhat misleading.
Trauma does a number on our perception.
I found my father dead – he died unexpectedly of a heart attack – and now when I experience panic attacks I sometimes feel what this article describes as heart attack symptoms.
I’ve been thoroughly examined by several cardiologists and my heart is in excellent shape.
Fear/trauma can cause us to experience what isn’t actually there.
I say always seek medical attention, of course, but be aware of how powerful the mind is and how important it is to deliberately rule it.

Start with your WHY

Start with your WHY.
Why acts like your internal compass that gives you direction in life.
Are you following your true north or are you lost at sea ?
Why is the question of the water element and water is connected to spirit.
Why is the QUEST-ion that starts all QUEST’S from creation to completion.
It’s about asking yourself, why am I even doing this? Why do I want this? Is it really important to me or not ? If not, why bother? change direction to something thats important to you.
Finding the why under the why until you get to true north.
If you’re lost at sea you’ve probably hit a storm ( or cyclone ) thats tossing you around or taking you around in circles and thats a good clue that you’ve lost your direction in life.
“Be still like a mountain and flow like a great river”
~ Lao Tzu

This may be a rather difficult thing for us as humans to understand

This may be a rather difficult thing for us as humans to understand, but redemption is there for all of us. We just have to find our way back to God. This is definitely worth a read!
“God will not punish you, but you can still live in misery, as you have done so before. God is giving you a way out of misery—not a way out of the world, but a way out of misery—by giving you the pathway to re-engage with the Source of your life and to bring your soul back to union with the deeper part of you that has never left God. This is the redemption.”


Breaking News, April 2017
FRESH ARMED FORCES AGAINST MUSEVENI’s DICTATORSHIP IN UGANDA: Its called SCOF – The Super Coalition Of the Fearless (SCOF) against Museveni
A group of Ugandans have vowed to wage an armed struggle against the government of President Yoweri Museveni, saying they’ve tried in vain all peaceful means to remove the National Resistance Movement from power and now say, enough is enough.
In a six-page statement emailed to our office here in London, the group, calling itself ‘the Super Coalition Of the Fearless (SCOF), said they had come together so as to ‘wage war against the despotic, corrupt and repressive military dictatorship in Uganda’. Made up of The Alliance Of Democrats (TAD), the National Equality and Democracy (NED), the Uganda National Democratic Alliance (UNDA) and the Uganda Democratic Federal Organisation (UDFO), the group met recently in The Hague, Netherlands and said they had been forced to take the fight to oust Museveni through an armed struggle after coming to the conclusion that the Museveni regime has abrogated all agreements previously entered into with other fighting groups, political parties, religious institutions and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs).
The SCOF statement accused the Museveni regime, which has been in power since January 1986, of committing ‘heinous crimes’ against Ugandans based allegedly on ‘pervasive corruption, despoliation, discrimination and tribalism’. It accused the National Resistance Movement (NRM) government of having ‘misappropriated’ and ‘swindled’ the country’s national wealth, leaving Ugandans ‘wallowing in abject poverty’ and unable to harness their physical, material and resource potentials. Accusing Museveni of using the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) arbitrarily as ‘’a sectional tribal militia group that owes its allegiance to ‘one dictator, one political party and one ethnic group’, has made the SCOF realise there was an urgent need for liberating the country from ‘a corrupt military dictatorship’ in pursuance of ‘a true democratic state of the people, for the people and by the people’.
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