My new novel EDGING is available today

My new novel EDGING is available today, and I want to take a moment and thank those who helped make it possible. For their encouragement, insight, and/or tolerance (you’re all in the acknowledgments, as well): Jason White, Kerry Alan Denney, Carol Venganza, Rob Shepherd, Terry M. West, MF Wahl, Tj Weeks, Kindra Sowder, Edd Sowder, Mary Hutchinson, Christopher Schutz, Bob Thurmer, Kyle Schiedermayer, and Ricky Ryan. Thank you all for helping me on this journey.

Oh my gosh

Oh my gosh, I’m excited beyond words! Carol and I formed our new business venture this week. We are pulling all of our personal favorite products, products we’ve been obsessed for, together under one brand. The name — Rocking Divas Fashion Obsessions or RD Fashion Obsessions — fits the bill, don’t you think?
Sharing products with lots of versatility which we love and simply cannot live without is RD Fashion Obsessions brand philosophy. With this in mind, the 4 product lines we offer are: (1) SeneGence long-lasting cosmetics & revolutionary anti-aging skincare; (2) Interchangeable snap jewelry; (3) Sleevey Wonders, the fashionable under sleeves that will greatly expand your wardrobe; (4) MICHE interchangeable handbags.
Check out our new logo! And join our facebook group
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18 years old

18 years old
Think you’re too young to be successful in RF??? Think again! Breely EARNED her first trip all expenses paid courtesy of Rodan+Fields to Baniff Springs in Alberta, Canada to the world famous spa. She gets to leave 1 week after graduation!
INSANE she did this while in high school!
At 18 years old a Level 5 (top 2% of the company), who has earned a TEAM cruise in March, Kate Spade jewelry, earned an IPAD mini, an Apple Watch and has a business while still in high school!

OK friends

OK friends…I have a BIG goal this year of holding 12-15 Style Shows per month. These can be in a home, restaurant, coffeeshop, FB parties or even catalog parties. I currently have 8 scheduled for April. Here’s what I know about women and fashion/jewelry:
*We have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear!
*We feel too busy or overwhelmed to shop.
*Some don’t know what their style is or how to create a simple look.
*Many want to learn how to mix and match or pair jewelry together but don’t know how.
This is what I can show you how to do at a Style Show through a simple 3 step “recipe”. Even if you don’t wear jewelry or much jewelry, I can show you how to look more put together! CAN YOU HELP ME ON THIS? Again, it can be a home show, FB show, or even a catalog show. (Please no comments from fellow jewelers)

Photo by my bestie Carrie Antlfinger of my Shady Lady recycled rubber raven earrings

Photo by my bestie Carrie Antlfinger of my Shady Lady recycled rubber raven earrings! These are black with red splashes of paint ❤. Let me know if anyone wants a pair! Only $20 a pair for my Facebook friends! #NedaStevic #CarrieAntlfinger #SupportLocalArts #ShadyLady #CarrieAntlfingerPhotography #RecycledRubber #ShadyLady #SociallyConscious #Ecofriendly #WearableArt #BirdEarrings #SustainableFashion #SustainableJewelry #RecycledEarrings #HighFashion #ShadyLadyJewelry

From Autobiography of a Yogi

From Autobiography of a Yogi, a discourse by “a wandering sadhu” on using introspection to solve the riddle of good and evil as represented by Kali:
“Few there be who solve her mystery! Good and evil is the challenging riddle which life places spinxlike before every intelligence. Attempting no solution, most men pay forfeit with their lives, penalty now even as in the days of Thebes. Here and there, a towering lonely figure never cries defeat. From the maya of duality he plucks the cleaveless truth of unity.”