Today I read that “Earth” is actually two planets

Today I read that “Earth” is actually two planets, fused four and a half billion years ago. Scientists are just figuring this out? I’ve known it all my life. There’s the planet I live on, inhabited by people who are instantly recognizable as fellow earthlings when we look each other in the eye… And there’s the planet that Donald Trump lives on (and there are millions of Trumps if one knows how to identify them). The inhabitants of Theia, the planet which is fused to ours and can’t be shaken off, are immediately recognizable when you try to look them in the eye. Something’s missing. Call it a soul, a brain, a resident entity. It’s like looking into a cloudless sky. That’s okay, though: earthlings have lived with them a long time and they’re relatively harmless as long as they’re doing things that don’t require a soul, a brain, etc., or responsibility of any kind. Will someone please give Donald Trump a broom and a job? He might not be completely useless.