*This is a PUBLIC post on purpose* Although I’m in hospital

*This is a PUBLIC post on purpose* Although I’m in hospital, I am aware of the conversations in the Ostomy community. That being said, I did just post on UOAA fb post finally.
Here’s what I wrote: I’ve been staying quiet. I believe there needs to be a structured plan instead of all people going at it. That doesn’t accomplish much, if at all. Not many know the indepth efforts that Douglas Yakich & myself did, with the help of some great & trustworthy parties, to obtain the outcome for the situation with the Cincinnati Police Department. Step back and try to recall how we may have done it in a swift manner, while holding our heads high. Remember #OstomyisNotATragedy … This needs to be organized & not blasted only on Facebook. There’s many other routes to take by appropriate people. Some things work, many things don’t. Please keep that in mind when representing a whole worldwide ostomy community, including myself. Thanks.