1st co-ed soccer scrimmage this season

The Cobra’s 1st co-ed soccer scrimmage this season. Although our boys won by a hair, the girls sure did kick butt and ssshhhhhh…… I secretly found myself routing for them bc they were just so crazy wicked fast, tough as hell & I even heard ppl saying "Imagine if they lose to a buncha GIRLS!" HA! It was pretty damn close! I saw one goalie jump like several feet, dive onto the ground, landing on her chest & she totally CAUGHT the ball kicked by one of our boys only a few feet away from her & she not only prevented us from scoring, but popped right back up like it was NOTHIN! She couldn’t be more than 45 lbs soaking wet. Now THAT’S AWESOME !!!!! You go girrrrrl I’m so so proud of ALL the kids. The girls sure made our boys sweat. I know Evan is sleeping lika baby tonight Thanx ladies it was an honor Awesome scrimmage kiddos.
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